Best of Indie Week 19! (8 Tracks/DLs) 2012

Best of Indie

 Well I’m not gong to force it.  When it comes to the best latest music tracks...I have to admit this week it was a search for indie tracks that we were getting all creamy and steamy for (kinda like the 1st date I just have that left me hanging with no goodnight kiss...whatevs!).   And speaking of indie, just what is indie these days anyway? might be something that sounds like this.  


Go Team Spirit - Jesus, He's Alright!



Our Curator, ClaireDallas turned us on to Go Team Spirit...look out for an article on them imminently!  Interested in becoming a Curator and get credit for your music discoveries?  See if you can find something not in our system...submit here! 



The Bright Light Social Hour - Bare Hands Bare Feet



Saw this awesome Austin band in Los Angeles at the Bootleg Bar a few weeks ago...Holy Christ they destroyed.  They started their set with a vocal harmony piece as tight as Eagles “Seven Bridges Road”  For those uninformed on this masterpiece just click here. 



DIIV "Doused"



What’s there not to like here...a dose of The Smiths meets Joy Division but for 2012.  



Michael Kiwanuka - Always Waiting



Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again


Yeah, not exactly indie being on Interscope...but there was a time Interscope was “the” indie cool tastemaker.  And maybe they still have that indie spirit with signing Michael Kiwanuka.  Check a preview of two great songs here.  Album out this week!



Cadence Weapon - Conditioning  (Grimes Remix)


How sexy is Claire Boucher aka Grimes...making her own music but then getting behind the board to make this solid remix.  She’s da besty.  



Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court (Shook Remix)


Oh snap...Capital Cities said OK to being on our BitCandy Spring Best Of Compilation.  We likely these guys...



My Bloody Valentine - Soon



Not to leave you hanging with only 7 songs...our last 8th track is a classic My Bloody Valentine song.   Um, what?   Don’t know em?  We can solve that!


Okey Doke-ily (stolen quote from Ned Flanders) And that’s the best of indie for the week … we listened to hundred or so lame ass bros in bedroom indie whatevers to bring you this hand picked selection of awesome so hope you enjoy it and are touching your nipples.   Don’t forget you can hear all the latest music tracks on our very own BitCandy Internet Radio...Check it here by clicking "Online Radio" in our BitCandy Menu...for the best and filtered tracks sourced from the music blogs and our favorite artists.  

What do you think?  Did we miss someting this week?  Are we awesome or do we suck?!  Comment below or hit us up on the Twitterz if you have idea for Best New Indie for this coming week.