Best Of Weekly Indie - Week 21 2012



Well, OK...fortunately I stayed inside most of yesterday preparing this Best Of Indie post (yeah 9 latest music tracks out of like 300 I heard for the week)...I did this instead of going out to stare into the solar eclipse.   Actually that’s not true.  A peak of sunlight was coming in through my blinds and I took a little glipse.  Damn sun...that shit hurts!  


If there are no blogs posts tomorrow it’s simply because I’m hopelessly blind and will be “that guy” on the off ramps with a sign that says “Ex Music Blog Writer...I Looked Into Solar Eclipse...Blind and Hungry for Mind Blowing Songs.”  


What about you?  Are you Hungry?   I thought so.  So, here we go.  Our favorite BitCandy indie finds over the last few days.



Yeasayer - "Henrietta"

Yo much longer do i have to wait for this album?  It’s more like NoSayer the way you’re teasing with us.  NoSayer becomes Yeasayer on ????


Kindness - That’s Alright 

Holy shit!  This is like everything great about the 80s meets 2012.  Jane Child meets Art of Noise meets Chairlift featuring Mariah Carey??   LOVE THIS.  Wish the rest of the album was as brilliant...but runner up to this one is....


Kindness - House

Another great song from Kindness.  Not so brand spanking new...but new to me.  Great dreamy indie smear pop.


Summer Camp - Give Me Life

Great track just premiered and it’s fantastic!  Expect an EP out this summer from this hot beautiful UK duo.  


The Walkmen - The House You Made

Well, I was almost in the “you can count me out” category on The Walkmen...but this track has reeled me back. 


P.S. I Love You - Princess Towers


Favorite song on the new album “Death Dreams” (oh you funny album title, how appropriate).  


Braid - Universe or Worse

An oldie (from last year) but was one I was digging from Polyvinyl band, Braid.


MS MR - Hurricane

Some great dark indie pop from NYC duo MS MR. (By the name of the band we assume one has a wang and one has a vahdge)  


The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Time to end this post with something classic.  
What about you?   Did you stare into the solar eclipse?  At least you still have your ears to check out the latest music tracks on BitCandy Music Filter.  
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