Best of Indie Pop (10 Tracks!) - Week 36 2012



Oh snap!  It’s a photobomb by Matt & Kim with the new Selena-Hutchens-Miley soft porn film.  The best thing about those pop tars is that we will never write about them in our PopKiller blogs on music post...of course, 100% not our kind of pop...unless Dada Life happen to do a remix for fun.  At least you’ll be able to see the teen pop trio nearly nude for 90 minutes in their new movie “Spring Break.”  Don’t’s legal...I think?

Anyway...more important...on to the best indie pop, creddy pop, alternative pop, sophisticated pop and mashups and otherwords:  P O P   K I L L E R !    Kicking it off with our guest photobombers, Matt & Kim!


Matt & Kim - Now 

As much as I want to watch this video...I can’t.  I’m not epileptic that I know of...but I don’t want to find out at the hands of Matt & Kim.  Tell me if you like it and comment below will ya?  And oh yeah...this doesn’t go in our Best of Indie section because this is PopKiller...and this is a cool fucking pop creddy little banger…plus Free Download here! 


Sound Remedy - Noosa - Walk On By Sound Remedy Remix

Loving Noosa ever since they started releasing music on the webz earlier in the year.  Check out our 1st story on them here.   Sound Remedy did a fantastic sexy sopshisticated PopKiller (just we like em) remix here.  Thank you profusely for not putting in a dumb stupid ass dubstep break.  


The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Nicolas Jaar - Keep Me Suicidal (Carlos Serrano Mix)  Free Download

This is what I love about a good mashup…taking 2 great songs and putting them back together in something as good or better as each separately.  The backdrop here on Nicolas Jaar’s intimate ambient track against the hardcore Notorious B.I.G. really puts a different take bon "biggie."  


No Doubt - “Push and Shove”

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Sorry you have to look at Ryan Seacrest.  No Doubt shows everyone how to do it...again and again.  Please can I live is a valley in Gwen’s abs?  


Azealia Banks - 1991

We thought this video and song was pretty much a step back for Azealia … I mean if she started with this rather than “212,” would anyone care?   Our full story on this is here, babies.


Neon Hitch - Gold feat. Tyga

New Robyn!!  Oh, shit…I meant new Neon Hitch featuring Tyga.  Robyn, when are you taking this bitch out?


Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Same Love feat. Mary Lambert

Pretty heavy and excellent lyrical expertise here from Macklemore X Ryan Lewis.  Macklemore gonna be big.  


Dragonette - Live In This City (Davey Badiuk Remix)

Do you puff the dragon?  Predicting another nice hit for Dragonette.  Heard a rumor they’re working with one of the top DJs for a guest spot.  


Eriq Johnson - Another World (Original Mix)

Eriq Johnson is a DJ / producer / artist that we’re just starting to pay attention to.  I  dig this new track which feels like it could be 1 step away from being a Shiny Toy Guns meets Kevin Rudolph (“Let It Rock”) type anthem.  We'll see.

So did you like the Matt & Kim photobomb?  So…that’s the 10 best alternative pop tracks of the week we found on the webs.  Now if you excuse me there are are some new picks of “Spring Breakers” I have to attend to.  Thanks for tuning into BitCandy’s blogs on music.  

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