Best of PopKiller-Fuck Ryan Seacrest Edition


 Jesus Christ only 10 weeks till’s Week 42 of Best of PopKiller at LA Music Blog, BitCandy?  And what exactly is PopKiller...Listen up!  It’s basically giving the smelly dirty crusty finger to Ryan Seacrest, JoJo at KIIS FM in LA, MTV scuzzy major record labels that just numb our minds with bullshit pop songs.  



You know what was on the Hot 100 in the 70s and 80s...real songs.  And yeah...David Bowie could be a fucking icon and have a hit at the same time...but that was then.  Cool / Cred / Great Songs / Great Pop.   Today...we have wannabees who want to cash out and sell out.   


So join me in being a POP LOVER and enjoying some great pop...with no guilt...because this shit is also cool.    


e-dubble - Two Steps from Disaster



This is what PitBull would sound like if he was from Echo Park or Brooklyn.  In other and awesome to listen to.  Hey...Mr. International Worldwide...come over here and blow me. 


JMSN - Girl (I Used To Know) Ft. Boldy James (Produced by JMSN)



I know I posted this a while back but I’m hyping up JMSN for as much as my little white butt can.  Keep an eye out for a more involved post coming soon.  This is like the Pitchfork version of Justin Timberlake.  And who is JMSN...anyone have any ideas?  I hear that’s a mysterious secret...maybe you can figure it out.  (HINT: It’s me.)  


Krewella - Alive (Stafford Brothers & Jealous Much Remix)



Is Krewella electro or pop?  In our world this is what pop music should be playing...we’re taking a stand against those crony old fogies programming commercial pop radio for 11 year olds.  I’m not saying this is a masterpiece but it belongs in our PopKiller section.  Death to shit terrestrial radio stations!  And listen to BitCandy Internet Radio (just click Online Radio in the Menu)


Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love is All I Got



Feed Me + Crystal Fighters = PopKiller Baby!!!  Do ya think you’ll hear this on your local KIIS FM or Hits 1 channel...doughtful!?    So tune into BitCand’s PopKiller channel instead!  (just click Online Radio in the menu babies!). 


twenty | one | pilots: Trees (LIVE)



You can start at about 1:30 and then be mesmerized throughout the whole video.  This is Fueled By Ramen’s next big artist that’s somewhere between .fun meets EDM meets OneRepublic (in a cool way) with a touch of Macklemore (not evident in this song but others). Our top PopKiller new artist for 2013!!


Sky Ferreira – Red Lips (Com Truise Remix)



This is the best thing off the new Sky Ferreira EP.  Sigh...someday they’ll get it right.   Sky Ferreira should be an actress.  I hear she’s good with lines.  


Lil Twist Feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - Flowerz (Prod. Diplo & DJA)



“They got the flowers for the ladies and dicks for the hoes”  -  I’m sold!


Icona Pop - I Love It



Just in case you haven’t loved on this video yet...Imma going to post it again.  This track is already a #1 in Sweden...Icona Pop (who also wrote the chorus to Manners by Chiddy Bang) coming to your U.S. town soon (hey that includes you, Los Angeles...check em coming in November coming to Echoplex.).  Trivia Bit: The song is written by Patrick Berger (Robyn “Dancing On My Own” and Charli XCX).  


Thanks for checking out our LA Music Blog here at BitCandy.  I’ve gotta go clean up now from the Kitty Pryde show (go Echoplex!).