Best New Indie - Week 24 (10 Tracks) 2012

Best of Indie


Wasssssup! (Sorry for that...) It’s now the second week of June (yikes) and I’m back with another round of the latest music tracks of the internet for everyone’s earballs!  As usual I did all the work so you don’t have to.  Don’t thank me now, thank me after you listen! And make sure to let me know your fave in the comments, because I live to please. 

Anyways this week we have a new track from prince of the internet FRANKIE OCEAN, some old school NYC rock and roll by The Bowery Riots, something totally different from that weirdo Ariel Pink, something new from Flying Lotus’s label Brainfeeder, and of course lots more auditory bits and bobs. Just keep reading... Oh, and make sure your speakers are turned all the way up to 11!  You’ll need it for this first track. 


The Bowery Riots- My Time Has Come

The Bowery Riots are coming for you with gut-churning rock and roll straight out of Brooklyn. This track, “My Time Has Come,” is a little bit Jack White, a little bit Black Keys, and all rock star swag. Check out their <a href=””>soundcloud</a> for more!



Delicate Steve - Two Lovers

A nice, vibey track for the summer. It’s slow without being sad. Listen to it witcho girl. 



Saint Savior - Grace Jones (Lovebox 2012)

Saint Savior gets modern and retro at the same time with their great lyrically synth pop intdie tribute to Grace Jones.   Check it out on SoundCloud here



Dirty Projectors- Gun Has No Trigger

Here’s the new iPod commercial-esque video from The Dirty Projectors! I loved their ultra-weird first album, here’s hoping they don’t fall prey to the dreaded sophomore slump. 



Crocodiles - Welcome Trouble 

Noise-pop kids Crocodiles are San Diego natives, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them! (blah blah I’ve seen them play a ton blah blah) This is our favorite song from their new album, “Endless Flowers.” 



Ryat - Not For This Lifetime

The latest artist signed to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label is the gorgeous and talented Ryat. Props to them for signing some female talent, us ladies are sorely under-represented in the electronic music field. I’m loving the way she sampled the guitar in this one. Her LP, “Totem” was released this week, go buy that shit!



Frank Ocean-Pyramids

Frankie has been all up on the internets lately and I CAN’T WAIT for his album. Please hurry up July 17th. Thanks. He can do no wrong in my eyes, so I’m loving this 10 minute long track. It has a little something for everyone. 



Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ft. Dam Funk- Baby

Sorry guys, there’s no embed code for this one, so you have to click through to Ariel’s website HERE to listen. But trust me, it’s worth it. This song is being crowned my favorite this week. It’s got a way more soulful vibe than Ariel Pink’s older stuff, which obviously I am into. More soul please, everyone all the time!



Tomas Barford - November Skies (Ft. Nina Kinert) 


November Skies from Danish producer Tomas Barford and featuring Swedish vocalist Nina Kinert is everything a Euro-centric combo like that should be. Electronic, weird, and hip, with a poppy bounce to it! And I’m assuming the singer is an attractive blonde like all other Swedes. It might have November in the title but this one is a kick-ass summer driving song. 



Temper Trap - Need Your Love

Everyone loves Aussies, and these kids are no exception. This video, for their latest single, “Need Your Love,” has a little bit of everything: not just tunes, but karate too! Nice. 



Seapony- What You Wanted

I love the guitar line in this one! This is the first single off Seapony’s second album, due September 11th. 


That’s all for this week folks! Did you like it?? Huh? Huh? Didja?? We hang on your every word over here at BitCandy, so tell us your thoughts! You’re all important, I swear. More latest music tracks where this came from next week my dears (same time, same place!) , now it’s time for Mama to sign off. 

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