Best of Indie - Week 26 (10 Tracks) 2012

Best of Indie

Hey internet, I know you’ve been waiting patiently all week for this round of the Latest Music Tracks, right? Well, you’re in luck because you caught me in a good mood. Here they are! We have new things from a few old friends we haven’t seen in some time, Ms. Fiona Apple, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Cat Power, a few French gems (because Frenchies can do no wrong in my eyes), and one mildly terrifying German electronic song by Weekend Wolves. Want to know what’s filling out the rest of the list? You’re gonna have to listen for yourself. I can’t do all the work around here.


White Arrows - Fireworks Of The Sea

Just try not to bounce around in your computer chair while this gem is playing. Make sure you don’t get their EP, Fireworks of the Sea! cuz this one is the only song with awesome (sorry guys).


Hocus Pocus ft. C2C - Feel Good

I love French things! Turntable group C2C and rappers Hocus Pocus both fall into that category. This one’s a dance party. Just listen already. Plus, rapping in French!


Cat Power - Ruin

Hipster ladies rejoice! A new Cat Power album isn’t far off. This is the first song to be released. It’s a little more upbeat sounding than her previous stuff, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.



This track from LA producer KONTENT is buttery glitch-hop with an R&B style vocal vibe. Yeeeuh. Sexy time music. Download his debut EP free HERE.


Vacationer - Everyone Knows

They describe themselves as Nu-Hula. I agree. Every song sounds like a vacay. Their website asks you to input a destination, then it plays one of their songs based on that! It’s rad to see bands getting more creative with their sites than just links to twitter, soundcloud and myspace. Really? Like I’m gonna click on your myspace link?


Weekend Wolves- Karma

Goth-glitch from Germany. I’m scared! If you fell asleep at a rave and had a nightmare, this guy would produce the soundtrack.


Hot As Sun - Come Come

Gorgeous dreamy, lucid indie pop from Last Gang record label. Omnichord included with purchase (award for nerd comment of the post).


Olympic Ayres - The View

Disco. Summer. Thinly veiled Nelly reference? Yes, please. I’m loving their half rapped, half sung vocals.


Glen Hansard - What Are We Gonna Do

This Irishman is half of duo you may have heard of, The Swell Season, as well as an actor in one of my favorite movies, “The Commitments.” This song isn’t half bad either! Oh, the luck of the Irish....


Fiona Apple - Hot Knife

Ahh Fiona! I missed you, ya big weirdo.  Unfortunately we can’t say the same thing for the album, which went in our Posers category.  You can read the review here.


Smashing Pumpkins - Violet Rays

Who ever thought we’d hear something from these guys again?  Definitely not me.  But they’re back! They toned down the angst and upped the indie on this standout track from their new album. Embedding is disabled (THANKS. NOT.) so go to their SOUNDCLOUD to check this track out.

Another hearty thanks to Billy Corgan for not allowing us to embed that last track. Really, Billy? You’re not that important.… To me.

And a hearty thanks to you all for reading my blathering every week. You guys are the best. For real. And now I hope on my steed and right off into the LA sunset. Miss you!

Til next week and more Latest Music Tracks... I bid y’all adieu.

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