Best of Indie Weekly - (9 Songs) Week 29 2012

Best of Indie

Hello folks...

Welcome to episode 29 of LA Music Blog BitCandy’s Best of the Internetz’ Indie! Cuz where does indie live these days, if not on the internet? It’s just a series of tubes really. Tubes full of music just waiting to be discovered. We know it can be overwhelming at times (a lot of the times) so that’s why we go to the trouble of sorting it all out for you every week, without fail! This time we got some Dirty Projectors, an R&B outfit called Biscuits and Gravy, Computer Magic, a producer named after the color of his studio walls, Ellie Goulding, Scary Girls, featuring one scary girl, and much much more! Just scroll down already, turn up yo system, and get started.


Ellie Goulding - "Hanging On" Ft. Tinie Tempah

My roommate came home drunk last night and was whistling Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” in the bathroom whilst peeing. I love her voice and this song is no exception. Plus a feature from Brit rapper Tinie Tempah? Makes for good times.


Computer Magic - “Grand Junction”

Computer Magic might be the best electro project name ever. This chick from Brooklyn nailed it.


Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

This isn't band spanking new a nod to Twin Shadow's great new album that just came out...we wanted to take a nod to him and his great tunage and motorcycle writing.   


Saint Motel - “Stories”

These LA indie rockers put a little of the rock back in indie with this bouncy track!


Teeel - “Crystal Lake”

Teeel is a producer from New Jersey who takes his name from the 10x10 foot teal-painted room that he records in. Weird or awesome? Either way, I’m digging this New Wave inspired track.


Planning To Rock - Patriarchy Over & Out

New from your pals at DFA.


Scary Girls - “Love Me More” 

This lo-fi track sounds like it was written by a girl who broke Wavves’ heart once upon a time. You’ll have to push play to find out what I mean by that.


Slow Hands - “What You Really Want”

Make sure you pay attention to this video... the song’s good too. But the split screen vid features the work of Jesus, Tim Tebow and Ghandi, as well as Hitler, the devil himself, and Charles Manson!


Dirty Projectors - “Impregnable Question”

I still don’t love any of their new songs as much as “Stillness is the Move,” but this one is enjoyable nonetheless!

You better have liked this week’s tunes, or we’re sending you all computer viruses to wipe out the Justin Bieber and from your hard drives forever. Kidding… but seriously, someone should do that. See you kids next week! LA Music Blog BitCandy, OUT!

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