Best of Weekly Indie - Week 34 (10 + Tracks) 2012

Best of Indie

Hello, and welcome to the hottest week of the year here at LA Music Blog BitCandy! It’s too hot in my room to wear anything but like a bikini, so that’s what I’m doing. Want pics? Too bad. Maybe next week! Anyways, the tunes this week are as hot (or hotter?) than the weather. You hurrrrd me! Listen up. We have a good variety this week, from a Feist remix, to The Presets, to a rapper who is keeping his identity a secret from the internet, and of course a remix of Kanye from my favorite production duo at the moment, TNGHT.

Seriously, they just keep getting better. Plus don’t miss the single from DFA label signee, Dan Bodan, a new single from Flylo, dark synth sounds from Cold Showers (I could use on of those right now) and a new single from electro pop lady MNDR.

Scroll down and push play! Now are your speakers melting from the heat or from these fucking sweet jams? The world may never know.  


Feist - “Graveyard (TRUST Remix)” Free Download

The TRUST give a nice laidback electronic vibe to this Feist song. Plus, free download!


Dan Bodan - “Aaron แอรอน ì•„ë¡ ”

DFA can do no wrong. This song from Dan Bodan is no exception! I’m digging the horn sample. Now, who is Aaron??


Flying Lotus ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy - “Between Friends”

Two of my old faves and one new fave did a song together for Adult Swim’s Singles Series. It won’t be on Flylo’s new album (out October 2nd) so make sure you illegally download it now.


Kitten - Cut It Out

One of our favs from Kitten...who you should know more about.  We need to more about them too so keep posted.  Love the video here, even if it is just a placeholder for a future video?   


The Presets - "Youth In Trouble"

The Presets fairly recent track "Youth In Trouble" with an awesome and trippy video that we recently included in our Best of Videos column earlier in the week.  You can check that shizzle out here.  

MNDR - “#1 in Heaven”

If you aren’t listening to MNDR’s first full length, Feed Me Diamonds, I’m not sure what you’ve been up to. This track sounds like she’s making a play to take over Robyn’s electro pop chick throne. I’m ok with that.


Captain Murphy - “Mighty Morphin’ Foreskin”

There are many things to be said about Captain Murphy. No one knows who he is, he’s released three youtube videos in the last few weeks, he’s a fucking awesome rapper, he might be Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator or Earl Sweatshirt, this shit is weird as hell, and I’m super into it. Who knows where he’ll go after this, or if we’ll ever find out who he is. I just hope he puts out a full album that I can trip my balls off to.


Violent Femmes - Add It Up (Live 1984)

Just something here classic for ya that ya gotta see (from Glitch).  And the question of my weekend remains unresolved "Why Can't I Get Just One Fuck."  


Cold Showers - “BC”

Look for an October album release from this LA synth-pop outfit. This song sounds like The Cure, which is awesome in my book.


TNGHT - “Mercy (remix)”

TNGHT just keeps putting out the fucking jams. They released a mix for Diplo’s BBC show that featured this remix of the Kanye song of the moment. It goes effing hard. The whole mix is amazing, and available for streaming and free download via soundcloud below. It’s a perfect mix of hip-hop, and TNGHT’s unique dub-step/electro sound. If you do one thing this week, listen to this.


**I hope you all listened to that mix. Seriously, get the free download, put in on your iPod, and throw it on next time you have an hour to kill in the car. Note: sounds best when stuck in LA traffic. Now can I get out of here before I melt? It’s beach day for LA Music Blog BitCandy. See y’all out in the waves! And on the twitter.

Art for this post by the amazing Shannon Elliot.


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