Best of Indie Weekly (14 New Favs)


We here at LA music blog BitCandy are ‘Merican.  Well, at least I am.  Three day U.S. weekend, fuck yah!   Ahh Labor Day... the end of summer.  Not that summer ever really ends in LA.  Well enough depressing end of summer talk, what about the music, you say? As always, we have plenty this week. New Zealanders Watercolours, another Curator find, On And On, Adult Swimmers and Grimes openers Elite Gymnastics, and then Mac Miller covered Bright Eyes, Mellowhype made a rad video and Wild Nothing heavily references The Cure. You’re welcome!


Niki & The Dove - DJ, Ease My Mind (Twin Shadow Remix) - Free Download



Twin Shadow takes the beats out of this indie disco anthem and brings us an unplugged dreamy late night slightly dangerous mix.  Love.



Wild Nothing - Nocturne


My favorite song from the new Wild Nothing album of the same name “Nocturne.”  Rad and strong album you can clickety click to our full review of the album here.   Or stream the whole thing on their Soundcloud



S O H N - W A R N I N G S


The blogosphere is lit up this week about chill wave (?) indie artist S O H N from London.  Full story coming soon...until then enjoy  W E  A L S O   E N J O Y  T H E  S A M E  T Y P E - F A C E .



Ms Mr - Hurricane


We tipped Ms Mr several months ago, but she’s finally put out this dang song that you can actually buy and also a video here that’s quite cool that’s worth a spot on our Best of Indie post.


Mellowhype- “La Bonita”

And now for something totally different... Like most things that Odd Future does, I am into this new single from Hodgy Beats and Left Brain’s project, Mellowhype. A gangster ass Day of the Dead themed video doesn’t hurt either.


On An On - Ghosts

Our Curator, Cassidy turned on to this band and great track.  



Crystal Fighters - At Home

These British/Spanish blokes might have had their song featured on Teen Wolf, but don’t let that turn you off.  It’s still worth a listen or nine +.


Sea Lion - a lo-fi cover of calgary


Sea Lion is a Swedish singer / songwriter that our Curator, Dalle00, recently came across and we were digging her quirky Joanna Newsom meets Grimes vocal delivery.   Full story here:


Mac Miller - First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes Acoustic Cover)


Normally I sure as hell wouldn’t say Mac Miller and Bright Eyes go together or to even put Mac Miller in an Indie Best Of Post...but this works.



Elite Gymnastics- “Andreja 4-ever”

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I love Adult Swim mostly for intro-ing me to weird electronic things like these guys. Catch them opening for Grimes on her North American tour this fall. You know I will.


Armeria and Karma Kid- “Do Me Wrong”

Chilled out electro. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.


j.views - above the sea.


Big crush we have on j. views.  Check out our full article we did on J a few months ago here.  


Matthew E White - Will You Love Me


I’m not sure why Matthew E White needs the “E” in his name.  I always think that people who need to put middle initials in their name or insert the IIIrd, are snobby douchebags.  Maybe he should be Dr. Matthew E. White, III ?   Either way...if you write songs like this you can call yourself whatever the hell you want.  



Watercolours - Night Swimmer


Brought to you by Peter C who has been on fire in the Curator section.   New Zealand band Watercolours is picking up the tradition and vibe that fellow Aussies like Sia have kicked off.  


That’s a wrap for our Weekly Best of Indie post at BitCandy’s LA Music Blog … come and find us at the beach...hope you’re not working or studying too hard and enjoy the Labor Day...with some good tunes compliments of BitCandy.  

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