Best of Weekly Indie (10 New Favs)



I haven’t watched the VMA’s yet. I know, I know, I’m a bad LA music blogger. But I’m going to, I swear... even though the ratings this year have been cut in half! What’s that? People don’t give a fuck about Rihanna and Chris Brown. Like that’s not news. I just have to find a good torrent for the VMAs (sssh government... I’m going to download illegally no matter what you do). I just have this really intense need to see REAL LIFE DINOSAURS. Oh wait, that’s just Green Day. Can someone explain to me why they still find it necessary to release new music? “Kill The DJ” just makes me want to kill myself, mostly.

Anywayz... on to the Best of the Week of Top Indie with our 8 finds we hand picked from the internet!


The Joy Formidable - "Cholla"

Indie darlings The Joy Formidable have done it again. This is the latest from their upcoming album. It has a little something for everyone to love!


Matthew Dear - "Fighting Is Futile"

One of our favorite tracks from Matthew’s 5th album, Beams, which we highly highly recommend. High level songwriting/production and I’m sure a lot of Talking Heads albums lying around in Matthew’s collection.


The Postelles - "Running Red Lights"

This song sounds like high school... in a good way. Plus, ladies, they’re effing cutes.

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Animal Collective - "Wide Eyed"

One of our favorites off the new album, Centipede Hz (WTF is that... well, I guess this crazy centipede is part of the new collective). Anyway... check out our very favorable review here.


Jonti - "Hornet's Nest"


Dan Deacon - "Crash Jam"

Skip the LSD and just listen to this shit, will you? You’ll get higher and freaked out faster than eating that square piece of paper.  (And no, you aren’t listening to two songs at the same time... it’s just Dan Deacon). And for those of you who are adventurous don’t forget Dan Deacon and his “Drinking Out Of Cups” aka WTF LSD locked in the closet video that you must see here.


Savoir Adore - "Regalia"

Savoir Adore have somehow managed to take a dreamy singer, combine her with tropical-sounding drums and a bass line that sounds like it was ripped from a Grandmaster Flash song, and it’s the shit, you guys. Their album will be out October 15th, y’all!


ODESZA-  "iPlayYouListen"

Summery, glitchy, fuzzy vibey vibes. They have summer up in Washington? Who knew.


FIDLAR - "Cheap Beer"

And now for something totally different, gut-churning post-punk straight out of LA. FIDLAR is an acronym for “Fuck it dog, life’s a risk.” Need I say more? Just push play.

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Patterson Hood - "Come Back Little Star"

The Drive By Truckers song meister Patterson Hood comes out with his third solo project called Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance. This is one of our favorites. 

So there you have it, our 10 favorites on the interwebz this week. And don’t forget, the mantra of the day is “F-VMAs.” Thanks for tuning into our best indie music post from LA Music Blog, BitCandy. 


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