Best of Weekly Indie - Week 38 Pt 1! 2012

Best of Indie

Hey there! LA Music Blogger here! (Nick, Jr. flashback, anyone? Anyone? Just me? Ok.) It’s so hot in LA right now, I’m pretty sure Fall is just a figment of everyone’s imaginations and not something that’s actually going to ever happen. Jackets? What’s a jacket? Indian summer for life, y’all! Just embrace it. Sit naked in your room all day. It’s the only way.

Plus, that’s the perfect way to enjoy these Best of Indie tracks, of course! We have a new track from Death Grips, Metronomy made a video full of pets, alt-J made a video that’s just plain weird, and Breakbot keep doing what they do best with a funky French House influenced track. All that and more for the low low price of free!! All y’all have to do is scroll and click.  And oh yeah...we had so many hot tracks that Pt 2 is coming later in the week! 


I Am Echo - "Ministry of Love"

Been following I Am Echo for a while and “Ministry Of Love” is one of my fav tracks. This is what we want our Indie to sound like: cool, but also to have a great song, not just a great “sound.”


Crystal Castles - BAPTISM (Sound Remedy Trap Remix)

Can you ever get enough of Crystal Castles, especially on a track like "Baptism?" I can’t … so Remix me … BITCH! And by the way, is Sound Remedy killing it or not?! Also loving the remix they did recently on Noosa “Walk Away.” I’d start following them on Soundcloud. I am.  

Death Grips - “@deathgripz”

Either you like Death Grips, or you don’t. He’s actually kind of understandable in this track. But my theory is that this is Tracy Morgan’s (from SNL) side project.


Metronomy - “Hypnose”

A video full of animals that are equally cute and epic? Metronomy covering an obscure Jean Michel Jarre track? Ratatat sounding synths? Just make sure to watch the vid.


alt-J - “Fitzpleasure”

This video is weird. The song is chill as fuck!


Dalton - “Speak Easy”

I have no idea who this Dalton cat is, but this funky track reminds me of “Animal” by NIN. Not a bad thing.


Israel Jacques - “Cucumis Metuliferus”

Pitch-shifted goodness from a 20 year old Brit.


Antoine Algar - Les concours (Free download)

If you’re looking for your French or Francaise indie pop dream fix, then look no further. With a touch of Gotan Project (?) comes Antoine Algar, sophisticated hotel lobby lounge music for your crappy apartment.


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The XX - Angels (Fauxe Remix)

We’ve recently started following Fauxe here. Definitely like his take on The XX track “Angels.” Can’t say the same thing for the new The xx album Coexist, which we thoroughly dissed in our Reviews section. Click to witness the horror.


Didja like those? Huh, huh didja? I just like to type “didja.” It looks funny. Come back next week for a column full of Britney, One Direction, Selena Gomez, and more! (Kidding... or am I?) Thanks for checking out BitCandy’s LA Music Blog


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