Best Indie Weekly-10 Tracks! (Week 39) 2012



It’s another Monday... that means it’s time for the latest music tracks of the indie week. So, aren’t you lucky you aren’t Fiona Apple?  Getting busted for pot and making long rambling speeches on stage about how you’ve got encoded documents of prison guards locked up in safety deposit boxes? That’s OK... we didn’t like her album anywayz (thrashing review here). And really... let’s be honest... when’s the last time you listened to The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (Deluxe Version)... on purpose? We thought so? Let’s get started on what we liked:


Matt & Kim - It’s Alright

Matt & Kim’s new album, Lightning, comes out October 2nd. And hey, can we get Matt some singing lessons?  Kinda tinny ass annoying after 5 songs (IMOP).  Anywayz... two of my favorites from this new album besides the fantastic singles are “It’s Alright” and “Overexposed.” I did have links for them but Mr and Ms Smiley (M&K just pulled them down)..THANKS! 


Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino

Gorgeous new Nosaj Thing from the new album Home, coming out January 22.  This one features the beautiful vocals of Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino.

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Grizzly Bear - Sun In Your Eyes

Personally, I thought the last few Grizzly Bear albums were wayyyy over rated and most people bought into just to get their “indie badge” of honor (sound familiar, Solange Knowles?). On this album I feel completely different. One of our favorite epic tracks from Shields, and our glowing review of the new album is here.


Alt J - Something Good

Oh, just a great Alt J track we love.


Trust - Divine

Speaking of favorites, my favorite most underrated band of 2012 is Trust, who is, of course Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (from Austra). We don’t hold it against Robert that he’s Canadian.  Also the video for "Dressed For Space" just went up.  Not sure what I think but as the song is so hot it doesn't matter to me.  Check it our here. 


St. Lucia - September

Blowing up the blogs this week is a new one from Brooklyn indie pop thing, St. Lucia.


Kilo Kash - Navy (prod. The Internet)

Our Curator, Cassidy Rose (hey, you can become one of those too right here) turned us on to Kilo Kash. This is one of our favorites, "Navy."

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Dum Dum Girls -  Mine Tonight

Dum Dum Girls?  More like Cum Cum Girls...”Mine Tonight?” Sure. New EP out September 25th.


MsMr - Dark Doo Wop

MsMr must have been having a coffee with Matt & Kim in Brooklyn when they all decided to not allow embeds from their Soundcloud. That’s why you’re going have to go here to check out her new tunages.


Team Me - Riding My Bicycle

Don’t you love 6 piece indie bands? This isn’t new as it came out in 2011... but it’s new to us... and probably you, since they’re from Elverum, Norway.


Funeral Suits - All Those Friendly People

How did I miss this one?  Fortunately our Curator, Dalle00 keeps us in on point.  


In closing, what I would really like to see is if Fiona Apple continues her crime spree. Some ideas on what’s next for Fiona “bad” Apple: knocking over a bank in each state as she continues her tour. It’s the perfect scenario... you’ve got a perfect getaway vehicle (the tour bus) and what the fuck do you care if you never come back to Arkansas if there’s a warrant for your arrest.  (If you’re reading this and from Arkansas... sorry ‘bout that).


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