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Well, my best of indie columnist just flaked on zero hours notice so... whatever... I guess I’ll have to write this myself. (But it’s not like i haven’t been writing and contributing and curating the majority to this column anyway... but that’s another story). Hey, if you’re interested in being a writer for BitCandy or a video blogger, check this shit out here!

But I know what you came here for... you came for the best new indie songs of the week. And I’m going to give them to you right now (and hopefully most of these aren’t on your radar yet cuz otherwise we wouldn't be doing our job!). On that note, let’s start with some songs that are almost equally as awesome as Justin Bieber throwing up on stage (winning!):


Kodaline - All I Want

Do you remember when Coldplay started out, and they were cool and not pussies writing the same song over and over and over again... and then marrying Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.? I present Kodaline (with no celebrity wedding connections to puss-ify their music).


Kodaline - Pray

Another favorite from Kodaline. Yeah, I’m loving this new band who is signed to B Unique out of Uk / France.


Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen – White Sea Remix

White Sea wasn’t kind enough to make his SoundCloud awesome remix to Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen” embeddable, but oh well. Here’s a can check it out on Soundcloud. And White Sea, I love you, but suck it in the meantime. It’s called “embeddable” links... look into it.


Indian Wells - After the Match (Kyson Remix)

This is a really exceptional EP of remixes that Bad Panda Records is bringing to you. It’s definitely going in our Metropolitan Chill mix that we try to make live on our Internet Radio every night at 9pm PST/12AM EST. You can download the whole set for FREE (which I recommend) right here, lovers! I say “lovers” cuz I know you don’t hate.


St. Lucia - Closer Than This (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

Ummm.... How much do we love St. Lucia from Brooklyn? Oh, we only have it in every single friggin playlist we’ve made on our Internet Radio (which is Free and you can jump on by clicking Free Online Radio in the BitCandy menu). So when Xaphoon Jones came in to make a remix, it was only natural we’d have it here in our Best of Indie column.


Prince Rama - Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever [Free Download]

Paw Tracks gives you a delicious Free Download. Download now before it... well, becomes antiquated to even download Mp3s anymore. Tick Tock. Tick Tock the party won’t stop...


Dead Times - Future Selves (Free Download)

Are we hyping Bad Panda Records this week or what? It’s not that we are. It’s just that they’re fucking delivering. Which is not what I can say for a former writer of BitCandy that I’m having to cover for this week. But like I said, that’s another story.


Other Lives Tamer Animals (Atoms for Peace Remix)

Atoms for Peace (you know that silly little side project Thom Yorke has put together)...aww...they did a nice little favor for Other Lives and remixed their track “Tamer Animals.”   Long live ambient indie pop.


Gaslamp Killer - Impulse

Damn...LA Weekly beat me to the punch on putting out a featured article on this guy that I’ve been working on the last week. LA Weekly... you don’t have my GDrive shit do you? Shit snappers. Anyway... this guy’s on the lips of a lot of buzzy L.A. tastemakers, including ours. Let’s see if he can rise above the buzz. (BTW, also heard he’s kinda nutbag).


Gaslamp Killer - Live In Shanghai

Holy Shit...Gaslamp Killer can DANCE!  Get him on Dancing with the Stars.  By the way the first track that he's playing here is "Motor" by SebastiAn (just in case you want to dance freaky too).  


Thanks for checking in for our latest music tracks on the top 10 indie side.  I've gotta go and dance freaky.  Thanks for tuning into LA Music Blog, BitCandy

Peace out...(not the real) Ryan Seacrest aka ///GLITCH\\\


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