Best Of Indie - Week 25 (9 Tracks / Downloads) 2012

Best of Indie

Well everyone, I spent my Saturday at Make Music Pasadena, a free (!!) fest they do every year in the streets out there.  In honor of good times had, I’m gonna throw a couple not so new latest music tracks (but hopefully new to you?) tracks on here from the artists who played that you NEED to know! Oh and don’t forget Father’s Day!  All tracks below are dad-friendly.  Especially if your dad is a hipster.

We have some Grimes (my current favorite weird Canadian), Passion Pit and Tanlines, interspersed with the shit you may have never heard of.  But that’s why you come to us right?  Let’s get to it already, enough with the chit chat!

Charli XCX - You’re The One

When did we start chatting up Charli forever ago.  But here is a new track that’s quite a tasty one.  Is Charli going to be the next to break through or just Hype?

Electric Guest- Holes

The lead singer of this band is the brother of the guy in The Lonely Island who’s not Andy Samberg. So there’s that. He also has the voice of an angel. You might have heard their single “This Head I Hold” already (it’s in some commercial...) but this track is my favorite off their album, Mondo. Judging by their performance on David Letterman last month, they sound just as kick-ass live as they do on vinyl. (/mp3). For extra credit, read this awesome essay by Danger Mouse on <a href=””>why he produced their debut album</a>. It’s touching! <3 u Danger Mouse.

Javeon McCarthy- Precious

Here’s an R&B jam from Brit Javeon McCarthy for all the Weeknd/Frank Ocean/Usher fans out there. Great production by Two Inch Punch on this track.

Grimes- Oblivion

Ok yeah this is not new but it’s worth checking out again because a) it’s awesome and b) Grimes is a 20-something year old girl who dresses and acts like a 12 year old boy at a rave.

Tanlines - All Of Me

This belongs on all y’all’s summer playlists. How could it not, with a band name as awesome as Tanlines? The synth solo in this makes me very happy :) Watch the video, it has a bunch of olds dancing the way I imagine zombies would dance. If they could, that is.

Dam Funk - Still Ridin’

LA’s reigning king of all things vinyl and funky Dam Funk puts a funky, (heh) new school twist on his unique brand of electro. He just finished up a European tour and he better get on finishing that new album right quick! We could all use a little more funk in our lives, amirite??

Rudi Zygadlo - Melpomene

<p><a href="">Rudi Zygadlo - Melpomene (Planet Mu - 2012)</a> from <a href="">Planet Mu</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

By way of Glasgow, this week’s dose of weird soundscape-y things is from Rudi Zygadlo.

Passion Pit - I’ll Be Alright

And because we wouldn’t be a real blog if we didn’t talk about the new Pashy Pit that came out this week, here it is!

Jonneine Zapata - "Love Is for the Brave"

We’ve been a fan of Jonneine Zapata for a while and excited that she has a residence throughout June at Los Globos in Silverlake.  Dangerous singer/songwriter on the scene. Does her voice just sound like sex or what?

What’d you think, hipsters and hipsterettes? Was anyone else in Pasadena on Saturday?  Bummer that Grimes’s adorable set got cut short.  That’s my favorite word to describe her.  Well it’s time for me to sign off for this week! Send me your fave latest music tracks and maaaaybe they’ll make the cut next week! Maybe.  Mad love as always, y’all.