Best Alt Pop/Urban (10 Tracks) Week 41 2012



So, the puke battle is on between Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.  We covered both of the stories here if you want to see Justin or Lady Gaga do the puke dance on stage...just clickety click on "Justin" or "Lady Gaga."   And...that’s the only mention those two num nuts are going to get in our best of weekly popkiller post.  In other words, alternative cool creddy smart pop!  



And don’t forget to check out our PopKiller channel on our Internet Radio...just click Online Radio in the menu!  Let’s get started:


Kid Cudi - King Wizard (Prod. By Kid Cudi)



New Kid Cudi!  Is he back on liquid cocaine?  Just wondering because the music sounds so much better that when he as clean.  (more great Kid Cudi towards end of post). 


Dada Life - So Young So High



Will Dada Life be the first cool (no not you, David Guetta) EDM artist to cross into Top 40? 


Adele - Skyfall 



Jury is out for me if this is just an “event” for an “event’s” sake or just not really a great Adele song.   I’m leaning towards the 2nd.  Either’s totally stupid that the movie studio nor her record company have an official video available other than a $500 lyric video.  So you’re going to have to watch this shitty one.  


Juicy J - Bandz A Make Her Dance (Explicit)



You know I can’t resist a booty rap rump shaking song and video?  Wow.  Awesome booty song.


Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up



Awww...on one hand you got Juicy J on the other hand you have this cute and cuddly Jason Mraz song...both are really good so we’re posting em! 


The Weeknd - Wicked Games



The Weeknd is gaining airplay and radio ads on U.S. commercial radio.  2012 won’t be the end of the word after all...maybe just a new beginning as they say.   


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop 



He’s gonna pop some tags and only has $20 in his pocket.   Favorite part of the song is the “this is fucking awe-some” part.   Oh p.s. looks like a #1 for this duo that ain’t even signed to a major label.  Great post on industry guru Bob Lefsetz on some insight to a lyric referencing Interscope head Jimmy Iovine Check it here.


Kid Cudi, King Chip - Just What I Am



I told you we’d have more Kid Cudi for you.


Twenty | One | Pilots - Trees (Live)



Our pick for a breakout band for 2013 is Twenty | One | Pilots...who are basically two guys Tyler Joseph
and Josh Dun...they’re selling out shows like crazy esp in their home city of Columbus Ohio and recently signed to Fueled by Ramen.   Keep an eye on em...big time!  


Muse - Follow Me



One of our favorite tracks off the new Muse album “The 2nd Law.”  Loving the electro dubstep thing inserted here.  Would pop radio be brave enough to play a song like this...ahh, probably not.  That’s why it in our column here.   


So there’s our 10 favorite (in our book) alternative pop songs of the week.  And is Muse pop?!  Well...could be...can you sing along to it, can you dance to it, is it cool and smart...if so it just might be in our PopKiller column and channel on our internet radio (which usually leans a little more indie pop but seems those artists were snoozing this week). 


Anyway enjoy and thanks for checking our LA Music Blog, BitCandy.