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Best of PopKiller, comin' at you fastaaaa than Rihanna can say "bite me" (no not you Chris!)...Featuring the sickest pop songs to have hit the blogosphere this past week, and when we say pop, we don't mean you, One Direction. So please, get back to your homeworks and leave us to enjoy the Latest Music Tracks from Beyonce, Ladyhawke, Nicki Minaj, The M Machine, Usher, Diplo and more.


Beyonce “Countdown (DeeJayLightsOff Tranny 84-128 Remix)”

1) How good is this song? 2) How good is this remix (hint: it only starts getting remixy about ½ the way through)? 3) Where the fuck is the “download” button, DeeJayLightsOff?! C’mon, give it to me! (Seriously)...


Ladyhawke "Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)"

Despite the rumours that Ladyhawke has social anxiety disorders, I’m sure we could make her feel super comfortable watching “Ghostbusters” or some other goofball DVD on a Friday night. C’mon Pip, hit us up for a non-social-anxiety-disorder-inducing low key date.


Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz "Beez In The Trap"

Hmm... something tells me this is Nicki talking about her vadge. Classy... but still, hot song. Always interesting to see the comments on YouTube -- an equal number of people loving on Nicki as they are hating on her. I always say if no one hates what you do, you're doing something wrong.


Dev “In My Trunk”

We have already written how this bootie banger sounds like Dev is having “dumps in the the trunk,” but it is still worth posting in our Best of PopKiller. 


The M Machine "Faces"

The M Machine's debut album, Metropolis Pt. I, drops April 24th. We've heard the tracks that haven't been released yet, and they are all amazing, super sophisticated electro based songs. Oh, and a secondary boast: we were into The M Machine, before they were even CALLED The M Machine.


Kap Slap “Call Me Greyhound (Carly Rae Jepsen vs Swedish House Mafia)”

Do we love that Carly Rae Jepsen song, “Call Me Maybe?” Um, shit, ok... yes we do. But now it's even more tolerable thanks to this Kap Slap mash, featuring Carly and Swedish House Mafia.

While we’re at it, we just can’t get enough of Carly: a 26 year old Canadian who thinks it shocking and crazy to give out her phone #. I wonder what she would think of DP? (Um, and if you don’t know what DP is... look it up with parental controls on “off”). Here’s another remix, this time from Milkman (how appropriate).


3LAU "B#tch City (R3hab vs 3LAU)"

R3hab and 3LAU get mental on this deluxe mash up featuring Tyga to Roxette to iPod melting levels of electro mash ups!


Usher "Climax (Diplo Bouncier Climactic Remix)"

The release of “Climax” was not to be the climax of “Climax,” going by Diplo's climatic new remix of “Climax,” during which I think I actually climaxed. Still with us?


PlatinumLights "Shiny Metal Dream (Empire of the Sun vs Breakbot)"

Empire of the Sun's 2008 smash, “Walking On A Dream,” has been soldered to Breakbot's “Baby I'm Yours” by Mr. PlatinumLights. Sounds sickkkkkkk!


The White Panda "Nightcity (Tyga vs Kavinsky)"

Nightcity,” comin' at ya, compliments of mash up kings, The White Panda. This makes us wanna pull on a racer jacket and pretend we're a swagger rendition of Ryan Gosling.

And dat's a rap on PopKiller -- tune in next week for yet more Latest Music Tracks to blast your earz off with! Now we're off for a date with Ladyhawke and a "Back to the Future" DVD! See ya! 


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