10 Best Alternative Pop Tracks - Week 27 2012

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If you have premature ejaculation issues (and I don’t...honest!), then you won’t feel bad at all after the San Diego 4th of July 2012 fireworks malfunctioned and blew it’s entire load for the night in 15 seconds...video here.   Speaking of fireworks, our BitCandy LA Music Blog has the latest pop jams that are 100% guilt free, PopKillers that you can sing and turn wayyyy up in the car...and still feel veryyyyy cool  (can’t say the same for current condition of Top 40 American radio).  Anyway...let’s go babies...Our best PopKiller (aka alternative pop!) picks for the week. 



Viceroy - Chase Us Around feat. Madi Diaz



Viceroy brings the sound of summer with this Carribean slightly electro tinged goodness.  Keep an eye on him...his Soundcloud is here.  http://soundcloud.com/viceroymusic/


Lana Del Rey: National Anthem (Erifsaes Remix)



Still waiting for Lana Del Rey to stop rapping...but on this one with this remix we give her a pass.  Compliments of HardCandyMusic.com


Germany Germany - With You ft. Kotomi



We first flagged Germany Germany here about 3 months ago and even included them on our 2012 Summer Sampler...(which is free, brah … and you can get right here on our FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/BitCandy/app_156218351098324).


Delta Rae - Bottom of the River



We tipped the Lumineers way back in early November 2011 here and yeah...we were right and now they’re kinda blowing up.  That’s a good reason to be tuned in to BitCandy hehe.  Of course of course!  So here’s our next Americana piece of awesome that you have to know right now!  And yes, this video is RIDICULOUS!


Rudimental - Feel The Love (feat. John Newman) (Original Mix) 



We tipped this song in our Best of Electro column and predict this track will be the sound of the so very hot club summer...oh snap...it already is in UK where it went #1 on the pop charts.  Let’s hope the U.S. gives it Rudimental the same love.  We are.  


Wildest Moments- Star Slinger Remix



This isn’t a Justin Bieber “Baby Baby” lift … at all.  Hehe.  Still quite good but not quite 2013 Sade maybe it’s going for? 


Angel Haze - New York 



Some hot flow from the new bitch on the block, Angel Haze.  Azealia who?  (I’m taking bets that Azealia’s project is already doomed for failure due to 4 management changes in the last 5 months and also she’s got everyone’s cash now $1MM record deal and $1MM publishing deal).  Anyway...20 year old Angel Haze delivers...but will she have the choruses that ultimately let us remember her more than some sick rhymes? 


Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)



Something a little different here from RL Grime & Salva representing Kanye West.


Chip Ivory - Let's Go Get Jiggy Wit It (Matt and Kim x Will Smith) 



Mashup dude, Chip Ivory shared this track on SoundCloud with us...and we thought it was pretty hot!  Best thing Will Smith has done in 10 years.


Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek 



Time to end this post with a classic PopKiller track from the princess of the elf forest herself, Imogen Heap.  (Hey I’m not saying she’s a druid or something...I’m just saying I could see her living in a tree...in a hipster organic cool chick kinda way).  


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Holla Dollah!


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