Best Videos of the Week! 10 Videos!


What makes a great song and what makes a top music video are two entirely different things. Take this week's batch of videos.  While some of them are legitimately good songs, some of them are purely here for entertainment purposes and/or that the video is "bit" candy in itself. 

Here are some of our favs this week. 


Kill The Noise - Kill the Noise Pt. 1

Who is our favorite new video director? Mike Dahlquist, that's who! Awesome video here with Kill The Noise taking on a zombie assault with machine gun transformed keytars. (Suck it, Lights!). If you loved this then you must check out another Dahlquist epic video from The M Machine, "Glow."


Wife Projections "The Grey Ones"

This is just 100% amazing. I live for inventive original videos like this. Damn.


Choir of Young Believers "Hollow Talk"

This is just simply hypnotic and beautiful. What you're seeing is a swarm of 300,000 birds caught on tape and synched to this great song. I keep expecting to see The Rock or Brendan Fraser ala mummy style trying to escape the swarm.


Grimes "Genesis"

And just why exactly is Grimes not my girlfriend? We brought you this one earlier in the week, but here it is again.


David Lee Roth - "Yankee Rose"

We are SOOOooo not cool to post this. Whatevs!! But you GOT to see this video. Yes, it’s that mid point palette cleanser break time, where I must revisit 80s metal (seriously one of my favorite genres). It was just about this time where the MTV video was becoming more of an artform and definitely an EVENT, including for instance some long amazing (and politically incorrect?) introductions with Diamond Dave. Obviously way over the top...


Mistabishi "Printer Jam"


Not necessarily new. but new to us. One of our pally pals just turned us on to the video and it's worth a view. How come my own paper jams aren't this exciting?


Captain Murphy  "Mighty Morphin Foreskin"

I don't do drugs but this is the kinda thing I guess would be AMAZING especially on drugs. Can you give me the scoop if so?


Talking Heads - "Life During Wartime (Live)"

Behold! Why I hate live music! Because only 1% of the bands out there could ever be as good as what you're seeing here with Talking Heads. This is an amazing live video from their amazing live movie, "Stop Making Sense." You'll be tripping balls over this DVD so just get it! Or watch the whole thing right here on YouTube!


A-Trak's Short Cuts: Ghosts N' Stuff Routine

Watch A-Trak take the piss out of Deadmau5 on their ongoing feud on DJ skills and DJs who "just push play."  A-Trak: 1 Deadmau5: 0


C2C  "Down The Road - starring Richie Jackson"

First of all, any video that involves a Trans Am? I'm in. Secondly, the French make the best electro music... but you knew that already. Thirdly, I'm not saying this is like the next Spike Jonze amazing vid or anything, but i had a nice time with it... thought for sure it was Justin Hawkins from the darkness with the mustache.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music, where we love how blissfully unaware music videos were in the 80's. 


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