Best Pop Music That Doesn't Suck

Ok, look...forget about the teen pop bullshit and the Billboard Hot 100.  That’s the kind of pop make for your little sister or niece.  How about cool, indie or alternative pop?  That’s right!  I think Macklemore, Bat For Lashes, P.O.S. and The Killers is pop music.  My top of pop … and yours!   Yah...all the pleasure and no guild.   Here is BitCandy’s favorite new pop songs of the week.  Let’s dig in.  You can listen while you’re pumping out your basement...thanks to a bitch named, Sandy.  


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love feat. Mary Lambert 


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop f/Wanz 


2 fantastic songs from the men of the hour, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  Truly...this is the future of the music business...artists doing everything on their own...handling music, production, artwork, design, merch, distribution, marketing, fanbase...and owning everything.


We’ve posted both songs separately but now that he’s had a #1 album it’s worth pointing these 2 fantastic songs out again. 


Jack White - I'm Shakin'


Jack White goes retro 60s rock n roll with a little swing with “I’m Shakin.”  Dig the song.  Miss Meg’s boobs.  


Bat For Lashes - We Found Love (Rihanna Cover)


I love it. I hate it.  But it’s definitely worth a post here in our best of alternative pop column.   Besides the “Yo Dawg, it’s a little pitchy” moments...I’m digging this direction of the Rihanna hit.  


The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb


The latest single from The Killers.  Guys you still haven’t made a song as good as “Mr. Brightside.”  What up with that?  Still...I dig this.  


Walk The Moon - Tightrope


Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons, Passion Pit, Youngblood’s kinda the same song over and over.  But no matter...we love it cuz it's rad....starting to take off at radio now.   


A.CHAL - Roses On Your Silhouette 


I’m loving the alternative hip hop vibes A.CHAL is giving off here.  It’s smart, arty, and evil at the same time.  That’s a recipe I’ll eat day and night.  And great job with the video matching the texture of the music.  “Roses On Your Silhouette” … great line.  


Touche - I’m A Man Not A Machine


We brought you the Touche awesome video “Snow White” a while back in our first ever “Best Of Video” post, which you can check here.  This is our other favorite from the duo, which includes Bram Inscore (hired gun for Beck and Twin Shadow), who is a mega talent on the rise.  


The Joy Formidable - Cholla (Betatraxx Remix)


Yes...indeed, The Joy Formidable is in MY pop genre.  And yours too.   


Diamond Rings - Stand My Ground


Yes!  More great pop that you probably think is too cool to be pop music!  “Stand My Ground” from the new Diamond Rings.   


P.O.S. - How We Land feat. Justin Vernon from Bon Iver favorite track on the new P.O.S. album.
And now that it’s October 31st … I have to go hide in the bushes and scare some small children.   Just kidding.   


Anything we missed?   Help us filter the blogosphere and mention any key tracks we should include next week. 


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Yr pal...Glitch