Best of Popkiller - Week 13, 2013


Happy Passover kids! Baby Jesus is frowning upon me at the moment. Damn! I swore I would not fucking cus for the week. Ah to hell with that, who am I fucking kidding. At least Baby Jesus ain’t frowning upon today’s Best Alternative Pop. Score!

That’s right peeps, we’ve got another uber fantastic pop lineup for you! Honestly, where else would you find a list with more hits than Rihanna’s face? I was waiting to crack that one out on you. But seriously, if you happen to find a better Best Of list out there, I fucking swear I will lose my goddamn mind! Okay, so how about we get started before I get struck with lighting?  (Artwork by the amazing ZHANG XIAOBAI).


Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Blood Diamonds Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Nice evil sounding remix you might hear at some off hour. But any hour is good for me for Kendrick and Blood Diamonds.


Cassius/Outkast - Feeling for Rosa (1999) [Flight Facilities Mashup]

Two of the best things to come out of the 90s are bundled up into one sweet mashup. Flight Facilities delivers THE mashup of the month!


Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix (Official Video)


Redfoo - Heart of a Champion

Yes looks like Redfoo is leaving behind Sky Blu and will have a new album out later in the year. Here’s a new song the red fro man just put up on his SoundCloud. The title is maybe inspired by his recent return to tennis (yes apparently he is semi pro).  Based on this song, though, it might be good to keep that # of Sky Blu on hand?


No Guns Allowed (feat. Drake & Cori B.) [Lyric Video]

Whatever moniker Snoop chooses to go by is all good with us. The ganga he’s been smokin' must be some real good shit, cuz this track is fresh! I must be high on some good shit cuz even Drake sounds legit.


Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (Acoustic)

Toning it down a bit. Whether you’re a fan or not of Sam Smith, you will find yourself connecting with ‘Lay Me Down,’ unless you’re a cold hearted S.O.B., which in that case I feel sorry for you. Smith’s vocals solidify him as an artist to keep an eye on.


M.I.A - Doobie

A little late on this one, so bite me! I was just waiting for the buzz about the song to simmer down; it also took a bit to warm up to. **Sigh** Nothing beats her single ‘Paper Planes.’  Am I wrong?


Dido - No Freedom

Ugh, I never can say Dido with a straight face. Dido’s new album, The Girl Who Got Away, is available now and with it comes her single, ‘No Freedom.’ To say the least it’s a very Dido-esque track, mellow and safe. Nothing surprising, perhaps something worth checking out is the collaboration with J.Viewz for the single. Trust me, you’ll like it.


Well, my sweet little bunnies, we’ve come to another end of the weekly cracked out dose of Popkiller. Hope you like what we rounded up for you, and if you don’t, feel free to bitch about it down below or at our Facebook page. I’m off to hunt me some wabbit... See ya next week.

Happy Easter