Best Songs Ever

This song, "110%" by South London lass, Jessie Ware, was one of our Best Indie Songs this week. She is going to be BIG TIME. Listen here and check out her keys song.
Tune into Paper Lions' summer bonanza, "Lost the War" if you, like us, are an almighty sucker for jingly indie jammer jammers (go anthem banana) about, uh, larceny!
Check out key Fat Boys tracks who emerged from Brooklyn in the early 80's. The trio was made up of Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-ski and beat boxing pioneer Buff Love.
Silver Swans' eerie albeit innocent electro pop is strong enough to evoke the room-filling soundscapes of synth svengalis ala The Knife and Ladytron.
As she shows with this Latest Music Tracks, Louisa Rose Allen is cultivating a music style that's all her own. Listen to "Warrior" by Foxes below.