Daft Punk "Get Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams)"


Fans of Daft Punk (and subsequently fans of pop music 5-7 years from now) are currently on a hot streak. The electric demigods offered up a teaser for their upcoming record, Random Access Memories, this past weekend at Cochella, and today they're treating us to their latest new songs via the ongoing Collaboration Series.

This best new track features Pharrell Williams and is called "Get Lucky."

Listen to Daft Punk "Get Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams)" below, then stick around for the behind the scenes video:


The as promised behind the scenes video:

There are some questions about the authenticity of this track. Some claim that it is a fake using snippets of previously released material, and at the time of writing no one knows whether this is the real version of "Get Lucky" or not.

It does however appear that "Get Lucky" will be the first single off Random Access Memories.

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