Best New Tracks: Local Natives "Columbia"


This week we brought you a review of the Local Natives' highly anticipated second album, Hummingbird. And for shits and giggles and symmetry we're bring you the best track off said album: "Columbia."  As I noted in the review, I really enjoyed this album. But what gives this album its worth and the added depths to make it something more than a by-the-numbers indie rock record is "Columbia."

As I briefly touched on in the review, this track is in memorium of lead singer Kelcey Ayer's mother. Producer Aaron Dessner (of The National) called the track 'the tent pole' of the album, which is a very apt description.

It's a haunting and beautiful number worthy of any superlative you want to throw its way. It demands your attention and to be listened to repeatedly.

(And if you're anything like me, you'll demand that others listen to it as well.)

Listen to "Columbia" below:

Everyone go call your mother. Immediately.

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