New Unsigned Artists - Week 10


 Check out the new artists that came this way at the BitCandy music filter!  

Up first we have Picassio Cash and his new single "I Can Dig It" that is hitting the airwaves in Atlanta.  Check out his Twitter here.


Picassio Cash - I Can Dig It

Up next we have Melissa B and indie pop Artist and and single currently out called "What You Started". This song was produced by producer B. Howard. She also did a cover with Nikko S. on the Rihanna song "Nobody's business" which has been having great reviews.


Melissa B - What You Started


MD of The Boomsday Alliance - Wormhole (Download Available 320kbps)

Hailing from Vancouver, MD of The Boomsday Alliance takes a break from his intergalactic travels to screate his upcoming project "The Rupert House - EP"  Known more to his fans as a hip-hop producer (Crooked I, KIDS, Chino XL, Maka, etc...) the latest track "Wormhold" shows a big step into the dubstep and EDM world.   

Check back next week for more best unsigned artists as we continue to filter the best that's out there