Best New Video: Lucius Tiny Desk Concert


Sometimes it feels like NPR exists solely as a music blog. It's truly an invaluable commodity when it comes to discovering music, and I can't possibly imagine anyone actually gives a fuck about what the President of the Frozen Food Council of America (or whomever else they have on "All Things Considered") has to say.

Besides First Listen, the best thing NPR does musically is their Tiny Desk Concert, which are always some of the best music videos on the blogosphere. On one of their most recent installments, the granola-pounding yuppies at NPR had Brooklyn buzz band Lucius on. Lucius is a female-led (get 'em bitches!) indie folk quintet that compares favorably with First Aid Kit, Mountain Man, and Joanna Newsom. They've received praise from the New York Times, Spin, and Seventeen Magazine (seriously).

Check out their Tiny Desk Concert below:

NPR's Bob Boilen sums up things quite succinctly, saying:

"One minute, Lucius sounds like a '60s girl group; the next might conjure images of Emmylou Harris. The charisma and charm of the women at Lucius' center, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, helps transform good pop songwriting into an endearing performance."

I could try all day, but I'm not going to do any better than that description. I should add that I would very much like to see Lucius perform in a space where they aren't so confined.

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