Best Music Videos - Week 10, 2013

Best New Videos

Rage! It's good for you, kids. It's essentially passion, that if controlled with Best Video muscle, begets some pretty wonderful things. And my, do we have a whole lot of passion for y'all this week. From white-crazed Swedes to Pussy Riot's long lost compatriots, let it out with another weekly set of YouTube's finest. Or else this braces-out girl will kick your silly ass. Grrrr.


Wintergatan - 'Sommarfagel'

So this is what the internets have come to - calculated YouTube unveilings in matching white cosmic jumpers? It works, though, as these Swedes with an affinity for the Milky Way hobble about their studio galaxy made of keyboards and stop-motion scenes. How are you dudes going to take that rig on the road, though?


Amanda Palmer - 'The Art of Asking'

Rock's most contentious KickStarter millionaire clears the "shame" out of the air after people of the internets chastised her for continuing her busking antics at shows post KickStarter success. Ask not how we "make" people pay for music she pleads, but rather how we "let" them pay. Would you drop a dollar in the hat for the former eight-foot bride?


Midnight Juggernauts - 'Ballad of the War Machine'

And y'all wonder way Pussy Riot are in jail. Should've teamed up with these baby-throwing, hot-stepping compatriots. With all of their theatre props, 80s synth magic and tchotchkes, Putin couldn't have resisted a hearty soviet smile.


Gotye - 'Smoke and Mirrors'

The human Matryoshka doll strikes again! Ever see a bear in a dude who's a dude who's really a bear who's really a dude who's sometimes a disco-ball head with ladders and people and birds scurrying about? Pfft, we have.


Missy Elliott - 'The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)'

As inventive as Missy Elliott was to R&B and hip-hop, if we were forced to watch this video more than once, we would have to punch you in the face. What the hell does any of this have to do with the rain? Puffy-coat rage-choke-ahhh! Logic people, logic.


The Qemists - 'Hurt Less'

Damn cool kids always pickin' on the girl with the pigtails. Better. Watch. Yo. Back. Yo. There are still bodies of youth out there who rage like the good Lord intended us to rage - with our fists and not guns. Pussies.


Mother Falcon Music - 'Paranoid Android'

There have been classical approaches to modern music before, that pretty much turns into dinner music for yupsters. But this 21-piece straight acoustic collective from Austin has done something magical with Radiohead's electrified freakout opus from Ok Computer.


Kate Boy - 'In Your Eyes'

What is it with Swedes and white suits? This tube-room is the strawberry rhubarb jam, though. It's like the most trippy tanning booth ever. Which, in retrospect, makes this whole white-Swede thing make sense.

If still devoid of passion, after all these audio/visual messages of Best Video greatness, well, there's no hope for you. You're dead inside. Go on, get lost and pick a fight with a pig-tailed, braces-out girl. Jesus.