Best New Videos - Week 12 (10 Favs) 2013


Ever see a girl eat a chicken in a shower? How 'bout a dude swallow a stereo? Alright, an Asian woman, on the side of the road - stay with us now - in whitey-tighties, smoking a fag, rockin' a boobie Mickey Mouse tattoo? This week's best new vids is something magical, friends. Spring must be in the air, the damn roosters are crowing, the moon is all sorts of out. Follow us, into week the twelfth, riding the sweet marriage of creative sight and sound:


Woodkid - 'Iron'

When the internet does one day implode, hipsters will revert to mini-bibles and animal-led viking battles, just you watch.


The Knife - 'A Tooth for an Eye'

Sweden's most groundbreaking fucker of minds challenges the status quo again with another tease from forthcoming Shaking The Habitual, subbing granny street-pissing for a machismo gender roll-reversal. Gather 'round stubborn bros, be one with the sparkle dance.


Hanni El Khatib - 'Family'

Okay, you've done it peoples of the far East, you are now more cock-rocking, easy-riding, chicken-eating, Micky Mouse-tatted, big-tittied West than we'll ever be. And you catch and grill octopi with your bare hands. Jesus. This Bud's so damn for you.

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Lianne La Havas - 'Elusive'

Opposite The Knife's subversive gender deconstructions, well this soul-glow jam is just simply beautiful, tearing down racial and gender stereotypes in one swift choreograph.


The Best Harlem Shake FAILS Ever

Oh humans - we are such a special superior species.


Voigt & Voigt - 'Social'

Screw them Google Spock glass joints. Where can we buy these New Order mod-dream specks? We have a suitcase full of drugs ready to go.

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Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E* - 'Need U (100%)'

Man swallows ghetto blaster. Man makes people groove like its 1992. Man is the jam. Silly man goes to ER, removes fun from his fantastic belly. People groovin' like its 1992 collectively frown.

Alpine - 'Hands'

Beautiful women will do some crazy shit to be in videos. To be a fly on the wall in this production meeting - 'And then, after you eat a whole chicken in a shower, you're going to lick yourselves like cats in your underwear'. Who wants to start a band?


Bob Dylan Lays Off 2,000 Workers from Songwriting Factory

Damn you, Dylan, you soulless corporate shill. What's next? The infinite monkey theorem? 


Django Django - 'WOR'

Arabian hipster nights, like Arabian hipster days, more often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways.


Big Black Delta - 'Side of the Road'

Yet another display of how many dope spectacles are out there to make the Goog's look like Nintendo's ill-fated Virtual Boy.


Royal Teeth - 'Wild'

So hot and bothered by her day with the boys just jammin' on the porch and running around with sparklers, girl hops in a bathtub - clothed. Oh, indie-pop, you so sweet.


Sigur Ros - 'Brennisteinn'

Tired of cooing like horny wales, Sigur Ros bust out the distortion and apocalyptic, monster freak out visuals. It's about damn time, dudes. Get angry more.


Question of the week, aside from how that young man swallowed a boom box in one piece - you've got a Google Glass rival set of specs. What can they do? What jam would they play? And what would the dance look like, if you know, you like, had this thing called YouTube that would allow you to broadcast such a thing to the world?