Best Weekly Indie - Week 28 (8 songs) 2012

Best of Indie


If you’re reading this, it means you survived the first week of July, so congrats on that! Big accomplishment, what with all the heat and alcohol going around. It was a tough week (not) here at LA Music Blog, BitCandy.

Speaking of big accomplishments, I gotta take a moment and send ALL THE LOVE to Frank Ocean. What he did earlier this week was truly amazing, brave, and crazy important for hip-hop. If you’re sitting over there reading this like “Huh? What’s this bitch talking about?” then Huffington Post will tell you what’s up.

Anyways, enough serious talk, what about the tunes?? The Royal Concept, Grimes, Purity Ring, Summer Twins... Any of these names sounding good, y’all? The MOST exciting for me is The Presets' first released material since 2008, and their tour announcement! Best believe I’m gonna be there. Oh, and make sure you listen to Chet Faker’s cover of “No Diggity.”  Artwork on this post from the most amazing Mr. Frivolous.


The Royal Concept - Gimme Twice

These Stockholm bros will please all the Phoenix fans out there with this song. They’re not French, but I’ll let it slide this time. I’m diggin’ the video too. Plus, they’re cute! Dibs on the blonde.


Bonde do Role-Bang (feat. Kool A.D. of Das Racist)

Guess which of your favorite booty shaking favela groups is back...compliments of Mad Decent?


Chet Faker - No Diggity

I will post any covers of this song that I come across. It’s not the newest tracks but for me, it's one of the best jams ever. This version by Australian Chet Faker makes it a little more hipster friendly. Check out his soundcloud for more.


Liars - A Ring On Every Finger

One of our favs from the new album which is great (although kinda a bargain basement Radiohead...but good shit can still be found in the bargain basement sales).   


Dreamscape - Separate Sense

Mellow, dreamy, gazey, indie pop. Do these words speak to you? Then this song will too!


Purity Ring - Amenamy

You guys like Purity Ring, right? I can’t help but think of that Jonas Brothers South Park episode everytime I hear their name.  There's a link you just might really like for this hear.  New Album out July 24!! 


Saint Saviour - Midnight City (M83 cover)

This lady has some ethereal pipes goin on. She once toured with Groove Armada as their lead singer, then struck out on her own to cover M83. The result is above.


The Presets - Youth in Trouble

If you like The Presets, then you’ll love their new single! It’s the first thing they’ve released since 2008. Enjoy your time off, Aussies?


Frank Ocean - Thinking About You


I’m gonna end with a tribute to the Man of the Week. I wish your LA show wasn’t so damn sold out!

Seriously, anyone have tickets? Your reward shall be the pleasure of my company. And maybe ______ (insert depravity here). Can I say that on the internet? I just did. I’m just going to ride off into the sunset now... If all goes according to plan, I’ll see you LA Music Blog BitCandy kids next week!


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