Best Modern Rap Skits


I can't say I would give today's rappers much credit. Sadly, many of them lack creativity, and despite the fact some of them take the time to come up with clever raps and skits, it all ends up sounding the same thanks to Timbaland. However, most people already know about my personal editorial opinion toward Timbaland, so I won't even go there.  Although I can't say I'm impressed with many of the rappers who currently have so called talent, I am still laughing at their skits... not necessarily because they are incredibly clever, but because they are so stupid, they are funny. I felt all the loyal rap fans might be missing out if I only let them in on my favorite old school rap skits, so here they are my top ten favorite modern rap skits.

10. 50 Cent "Curtis Intro"

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Curtis deserves some credit. I realize that unlike Marshall, I mean Em, no excuse me Slim, Curtis knows who he is and has always done a great job at giving his fans a sense of clarity about who he is and what his albums are about.  Since 50 has stuck with the same topic for the past five years we can all rest assured he won't  just lose it like Em anytime soon. No, with albums like The Massacre, Before I Self Destruct, and Before I Self Destruct II and songs like Gunz Come Out, I'm Suppose To Die Tonight, and Death To My Enemies, it is safe to say Curtis won't be rapping about anything other than guns anytime soon.

9. Ludacris "T Baggin"

When he isn't being politically active, or bugging Rob Quarters, Luda stays loyal to the game by finding other rappers to piss off. In fact, Chris and his producer have become so good at picking fights; they don't even have to try anymore, it just happens. First it was that Rob Quarters who they didn't care about offending until they found out about his 50 gunshot wounds. Than it was T.I, does that shirt say Trap House, or Trap Muzik??? Pissing off rappers unintentionally and T Baggin are both things only white boys would do, what is happening to you Chris?

8. Ghostface "Bad Mouth Kid"

Everyone has probably experienced the same thought process and emotions that I did when I heard this for the first time. First laughter (most everyone has had an experience they can relate to "the bad mouth kid"), then anger (how could Ghostface possibly think I, biggest fan of rap music was dumb enough not to notice that he copied Will Smith, the rapper that is acceptable to air on Radio Disney without editing or bleeping the lyrics). I guess we can't blame it all on Ghostface; Will Smith is a copycat too. Ice Cube is the real master mind behind using a voice smack out of the lollipop guild on an album, but don't worry: although these guys all have kids on their albums, none of them seem to like kids as much as Michael Jackson did.

7. Outkast "D Boi Interlude"

I'll admit that I am a little biased when it comes to Outkast; they are clever, original, and funny (THEY NEVER DISSAPOINT ME). What is great about the D Boi interlude is that Outkast isn't afraid to make fun of their fellow southern rappers, and they are great at metaphors; name calling without actually giving names. By the way, isn't "You don't get harry on your own supply till later on at night" ironic, ironic if Big Boi's arrest in July rings a bell to you.

6. Eminem "Em Calls Paul"

Put this skit first on E's album and the recording could have stopped there, as Eminem mentions every single one of his weird obsessions, all under a mere two minutes. There is Christopher Reeve's voice box, Eminem not taking Paul's criticism well, AGAIN, his gay reference, not going to say any names…Steve Berman, and even Michael Jackson. In my opinion, Em should have gone ahead and made himself famous for the shortest album ever.

5. Ghostface "Clyde Smith"

It's not only Chris that spends time making fun of 50 Cent; Ghostface does a pretty good job of it too. If we are all honest, 50 Cent is an easy target; making fun of 50 Cent is like making fun of the nerd or fat kid at school. The reason Supreme Clientele was number 7 on the Billboard 200 charts and number 2 on the top R&B and Hip Hop charts the first week it was released, is not because it was a quality album, but because it made fun of Curtis, and we all like doing that!

4. Ice Cube "Pimp Homeo"

Nothing against Shakespeare, but Romeo and Juliet makes me want to vomit, and although there are some good sibilates and jabs at the way rappers appear to live their lives (what do you know, Ice Cube does have a sense of humor) Ice Cube's "Pimp Homeo" is not much different than Rodgers and Hammerstein remake of Cinderella. I suppose when Ice Cube isn't busy listening to the Young MC, he is busy catching up on literary works.

3. Eminem "Dr West"

Poor Marshall, he has been struggling with alcohol and drug use for some time now, in fact he has been struggling with it his whole career. It seems there is a constant battle going on between Marshall and Slim; Marshall wanting to sober up, and Slim Shady not allowing it. Although deep down I know I should be cheering for Marshall, I can't say I am thrilled with his chooses to do music with Rihanna, Timbaland, and Pink. I like Slim and I am not ashamed to say it. He is the rebel, the bad voice inside of E's head, Marshall's alter ego.  Is it bad that I want Marshall to relapse again?

2. Snoop Dog "Game Court"

Judge Judy is the all American women, heck I am pretty sure she is the one who helped American women get a vote. I have a visual of Judith banging her gable against various member of Senate's heads, saying pass it, pass the amendment! Snoop Dog couldn't be more creative in his "Game Court" skit. There is nothing more ironic than associating Judith with a man who has not only been to jail on drug charges, but who does not have even one song that is not degrading to women. If Snoop Dog ever ends up in court again, which I am sure he will, he better be praying he doesn't have to stand before Judith Sheindlin.

1. Lil Wayne "Dr Carter"

I thoroughly enjoyed the skits throughout "Dr Carter," but still there was something missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on straight away. The Skit definitely didn't lack concept, impressive vocab, or metaphors either, but there was something that was missing… then it hit me, Lil Wayne was not rapping about, "pussy, money, weed" anymore! Lil Wayne, what a silly guy, guess he didn't exactly realize that when Swizz Beatz wrote the lyrics for Dr (insert what rapper you would like to use here), that he was actually dissing Lil Wayne whose raps are still predictable after over 11 years on the job, nothing gets past you Dwayne, 'cause you're on it, yes you're on it.