New Finds: Other Lives


"Other Lives" Curator Credit: Jacks  / Written by Ryan S.

What can you say about Radiohead that hasn't already been said by every hipster who's ever lived? They're great, yes, they're insanely original, maybe and "Creep" is an awesome song, maybe not.

Whatever your thoughts may be on these topics, however, can't take away from the fact that Radiohead is just one of those bands who are really fucking popular. Any lesser band climbing their way up the music biz ladder would be honored to open for them, but there's only room for one band to do just that. For Radiohead's 2012 tour currently taking place in Europe, the band chosen to open each show is a little folk group called Other Lives from Stillwater, OK.

When I first watched their music video for a song called "For 12," I honestly thought Stanley Kubrick had risen from the dead to direct the video. As a solid black triangle hovers above a space station, I couldn't help but wonder if any apes were going to be appearing later to perhaps throw a drumstick in the air.

While the production value of the music video is quite extraordinary for a band not even signed to a major label, the music accompanying it is just as good. With a spacey folk sound like if Fleet Foxes did a NASA benefit concert in Pompaii, Other Lives is a refreshing take on modern indie folk. While they're not doing anything revolutionary, the band, led by singer Jesse Tabish, has a very polished sound that is both relaxing and uplifting.

Other Lives will hit the states in April for the Coachella Music Festival and will continue to tour with Radiohead until further notice. Check out the band's latest album called Tamer Animals, which dropped last year, and check them out on Facebook.


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