New Indie Finds: J. Viewz


Jonathan Dagan's music has been nominated for a Grammy award and has featured in an international Revlon advertisement starring Halle Berry. But if I were to ask you if you dug his band, J. Viewz, I'm gonna guess you would reply: “Jay Vuws who?”

We admit, we would have responded the same a few weeks back, but thanks to BitCandy's cool ass Curator, Glitch, we can now act super-dooper smug and claim to have been into J. Viewz' Top Indie beats before you was (hehehe).

But in all seriousness, Dagan is one of those dudes who has had enviable amount of critical success, but somehow, he remains unknown among the listening public. Well BitCandy are hoping to help change that...!

This Brooklyn bro's blissed-out electronica is gorgeousity made flesh (to quote an infamous young Droog...). Think Purity Ring meets a less creepy Crim3s via Passion Pit's indie licks.

Sound good? Good!!

Well we think J. Viewz is all set to blow up just in time to soundtrack your summer break, so why not check out two of our favorite cuts, “Rivers and Homes” and “Salty Air” below? (And btw, these perdy videos will be a sure-fire smash among Instagram users / the Tumblr community – but as if the twee song titles didn't already give THAT away...!)



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