Best New Indie (10 Downloads/Streams)


Welcome to the latest music tracks from BitCandys Weekly Best of Indie.  But first, did you know how the whole Easter Bunny thing started? Awww cute little Easter Bunny delivering the Cadbury’s eggs and hand painted Easter Eggs, hidden around the house for the kiddies to hide.  

Well...the origins are not so sweet...but plenty sticky.  It seems that those Pagans had this fertility ritual of (Bueller?  Bueller?...) going in the forest...where the women would to and hide...naked.  Whatever dude could find the chick...they get to do the nasty.  Hence the rabbit as a symbol of fertility and the eggs.  And that’s where your Easter Bunny comes from.   

On that’s time to get sexy with this week’s Weekly Best of Indie from LA Music Blog, BitCandy.  Please note...there’s not so many jangly jangly shoegazing “bros in bedrooms” tunage here...we always go for the more song driven stuff.   “Superstar we go:”

jj "Beautiful Life"

Oh I love me some jj.  Thanks Secretly Canadian for the FREE download!


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes “Man On Fire”

New exceptional single from E.S. & M 0s.


Memoryhouse “Walk With Me”


Salem X “Remember”

Not to be confused by SALEM.  


NoWayBack (oOoOO & Butterclock)

Just got turned on to oOoOO from one of our Facebook fans...feel free to drop us a note on what we might be missing!  Digging this track.  


Birthmark - Stuck

New indie alt chill vibes compliments of Polyvinyl (brought to you in Mp3 form...not vinyl...go figure).


Japandroids “The House That Heaven Built”


Japandroids “Jack The Ripper”

Neither Japanese nor droids...the Japandroids will distort and amp you silly little world.  Oh snap...Polyvinyl strikes again!  New double A side just out now.


Zammuto “Too Late To Toplogize”

One of my favorite tracks from the new album.  Sounds like they are a OneRepublic fan.


Big Sir “Regions”

1st track off of the new album “Before Gardens After Gardens.”  Totally digging this album.  Check out their bandcamp here

That's all for this week.  Thanks for checking out the Latest Music Tracks with us.  Maybe next year around this time we'll find you in the forest hehe.

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