Best New Tracks: Grimes "Circumambient"


We're not gonna lie, we have a MAJOR crush on Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, who we have taken to labelling "an indie Enya meets woodland alternative pop pixie."

You may have caught our review of Boucher's third album, Visions, where we already professed our abiding love for this forest-dwelling (well, maybe) Canadian (FYI - Vision comes out on March 12th, but y'know you can rely on BitCandy to get the scoop on new releases months before the release date).

In that review, we stamped "Circumambient" an album highlight. Being the generous lot that we are, we are serving up a stream of that track today – so now you can join in with the Grimes-lovan too. Yay!

Mystical, infectious, and plain talented – taster this contemporary art-rock goddess below (watch out, Lykke Li, another cute blonde is on your back).


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