Best New Videos: "Nigg*s In Paris"


Last night in London, a mysterious memo was making the rounds (we may be an LA Music Blog but, oh yeh, we have our international intelligence...). On it was a map, which pointed to Shoreditch High Street. Above the map hung the words "WATCH THE THRONE. 5PM." The Brit blogosphere proceeded to go into meltdown -- were Yeezy and Jeezy planning an impromptu free gig for commuters?!

Uh, no. Turns out Roc-A-Fella were just projecting the video premier of "N*ggas In Paris" onto Shoreditch Station. Yeh -- LET DOWN (though we admit, it was worth going just to watch the crowd of expectant hipsters that had gathered begin their walk of shame back home).

By the way is the * supposed to go in the "i" or the "a." 

Anyway, back to the video, which has made its way from London to YouTube overnight. Featuring kaleidoscopic footage from the gluttonous Watch The Throne tour, you can check this "cray" shit below (no, we don't understand why Will Ferrell cameos, either).


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