Best of Alt Pop (5 Songs) Week 47

It's gonna be prob a quiet snooze this week in the LA Music Blog world...but that doesn't mean we don't have a hand picked selection of the best that pop music has to offer for the week.  Let's get started so you can get to your turkeys, turkey (if you are American).  
"Run Right Back" The Black Keys - could The Black Keys sell 500,000 albums their 1st week of release.  That's where my bet is at.  People want good shit and The Black Keys delivers big time.  Also, I'm pretty sure that their next video is going to involve "totally buffed out" meat-head body builders.  I go to Gold's Gym in Venice (where things are pretty over the fucking top) and the casting sheets were up all over the place.  Should be interesting.  

"The One That Got Away (R3hab Remix" Katy Perry - I have a feeling this R3hab guy (much like Skrillex or Benny Benassi) is eventually going to be moving out of the remix world soon.  He's just too good to do "just" remixes.  Plus he gets points for l33t sp34k.


"Fire Fly" Childish Gambino - We thought the album was a pretty big hype all in all...and said so here in our Reviews but, this is a pretty good song from the album. 


"Starring Role" Marina & The Diamonds - I've been on the fence but with this song I'm a believer.  (I wouldn't mind being one of The Diamonds if there is an opening).  

Marina & The Diamonds - Starring Role by Skeet Beatz


"Practice" Drake - One of my favorite off the new Drake album that hasn't been leaked.  Exceptional album.  Duh!  Drake is going to be like the Luther Vandross of his generation. (that's a compliment).  In this song we get the revelation that all of the guys that Drake's girl dated (aka fucked), before him were just "practice" so she could be the best at "backing that ass up."    

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