Best Of Electro Bangers Week 20


That's right, it's Monday.  Back to work. So get that coffee. Put on those headphones.  Reach for the volume. Notch it Up.  Aww, there you go.  Monday is not going to be so bad after all.  Those TPS reports can wait because you have new Skrillex, Ford Mustang, Porter Robinson and more to vibe with. 

Skrillex - "First Of The Year" - New!

Mord Fustang - "Lick The Rainbow"

Porter Robinson - "Hello"  - Keep a very very close eye on this 18 year old monster.  We think big things are happening. 

AFX - "Men" - An oldie but a goodie.  EVerything but the kitchen sink here.  This will blow your mind. From Aphex Twin side project. Damn. Insane.

Skrillex - "Ruffneck Bass" - New one from Skrillex floating around in the cypersphere.  There is no one better.  Skrillex is the master so all you imitators...just put your sequencers on pause.

Avicci - "Silhouettes"  New!

The Crystal Method - "Trip LIke I Do" - Aww, brings back memories.  Gotta put some TCM in the mix.  Please do yourself a favor and check out the "Vegas" or "Tweekend" album if you aren't familiar!

Etienne De Crecy with Bloody Beetroots "Welcome" - Ouch Mr. Jobs your IPod is melting.

David Guetta "Where Them Girls At" - either the jam of the summer or your worst nightmare.