Best of Covers Pt 2: Indie Interpretations


If you're a a songwriter/artist, they say it's the best compliment another writer/artist can give for that artist to cover your song.  And you know what...I think that's a trueism.  

For instance, if Peter Gabriel records YOUR song (in this case Vampire Weekend) kinda know you're the shit.  Or if Gorillaz do The XX or The Slits do a cover of Marvin Gaye or you're Band of Horses and Kid Cudi covers're probably way on the right track and there's no question our song is truly important.   

Yes indeed...It's all delicious tasty stuff and compliments deserved.  I've got a back log of these excellent covers i've been filing away, so here's the latest installment.  Enjoy! 


Best Of Covers Pt 2 by BitCandy