Best of Electro Bangers (10 Songs) - Week 30


That's right, it's Monday, so get the coffee going, pretend like your working and jump start the day with BitCandy's blogs on particular with the latest installment of Electro Bangers. Yummy.  If you didn't have enough floor filling on your Friday or's what you might have missed in the clubs.  

And yes, we've filtered the 10 very best songs you need to know so in other words...we've done the hard work of scouring the net and handpicking just the very best so you can "Discover Faster." (and have more time for baking some cookies or whatever you are into.  

OK enough with this Betty Crocker b.s....Let's get started.

3Lau Mashup. - "Yacht Week In America" - Katy Perry vs Axwell vs David Guetta,  We've got our eyes and ears on of the most talented new Mashup stars on the can check out his latest bangers and mash (ups) here

Flux Pavillion - "Bass Cannon" It's not like this is entirely new as it's been out for a few months...but we had to include...simply because you can't ignore the awe inspiring power of the "Bass Cannon"  Witness the powers here in thee most excellent video

Zedd - "Dovregubben"  It was about this time last year that Skrillex was being touted as the Prince of Dubstep...and now that he's risen to be the king...there's room for a new Prince.  That crown and title is likely to be passed to Zedd, who's been a part of and/or associated with the Skrillex camp.  

Lady Gaga - "Marry The Night (Zedd Remix)" - while we're on our Zedd gotta check out his remix to Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night"  You can also follow Zedd here on Soundcloud

Avicii - "Fade Into Darkness" - in case you didn't hear the shitstorm that's brewing with this song and (believe it or not) Leona Lewis and Simon can read our coverage of it here in "Simon Cowell Doesn't Know Copyright Law.".  It looks like Simon and his label Syco had someone else produce a sound-a-like track to Avicii's track "Penguins" and released it without Avicii's permission. Oops! 

Calvin Harris - "Feel So Close" - the new single from Calvin Harris coming out we here August 21st.  Some great anthemic love lyrics here: "I feel so close to you right now / It's a force field / I wear my heart up on my sleeve / like a big deal."  And who doesn't like a little force field late at night? 

M83 - "Midnight City" - new single from M83 from new album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" out October 18th.  Ohhhhh...check out the 80s saxophone playing at the end of this track.  Nice touch! 

Bag Raiders - "Shooting Stars" - much like their Australian countrymen, Cut Copy...Bag Radiers is crushing it on writing credible infectious indie dance music.  Whatever "Indie dance music" means...but you know what I'm saying. This song came out in Australia way back in 2009 but reposting it here as it's just so damn good.  

SR3L - "Pretty Rave Girl" - If you made it to EDC recently in Las Vegas than you know what this song is a tribute to. An oldie but goodie which eventually inspired the melody to "All I Every Wanted" by Basshunter

Electrocute - "Tiger Toy (TnT Hello Kitty Remix)" - Nicole Morier, the lead singer of Electrocute has been busy writing for some other superstars Britney Spears ("How I Roll" "Trip To Your Heart" "Heaven On Earth") and Sky Ferreira (if her album ever comes out) the meantime she hasn't been too busy to keep the Electrocute vibes juiced and going with brand new remix of "Tiger Toy" featuring Lady Tigra of L'Trimm.

Uffie - "Tthhee Ppaarttyy (Crizz Remix) - OK, we might not be dead on with this song and remix labeling as the meta data on the file was kinda f'd up so this one goes slightly in the mystery folder...but we like it!  We think it's a Crizz Remix...maybe you can comment and help clear it out.