Best Of Electro Bangers Week 32


Which is the biggest banger bomb...Nero, Wolfgang Gartner, Dotcom, Frankmusik...or the United States losing it's AAA credit rating over the weekend.  Oops.  One things for sure...the first is going to get your booty shaking.  The 2nd is just going to probably shake you (check the Dow Jones 1 year from now).  But more on that later.  In the meantime let's melt some IPods.  Yes, it's this week's installment of Filtered Electro Bangers.  

Um, why the word "Filtered" here...well we handpicked these 10 after listening through over 200 tracks this week.  These are our 5 star raters and hope they arrive that way in your Itunes as well.  Let's get to work..I mean play:

"Indian Flute 2011" ETC!ETC! - Ummm, yup...this track is outrageous.  It's the Moombahton sound coming out of Diplo's Mad Decent camp.

"Do It In The AM" Frankmusic - Great song even better crazy dirty nose cringing (stinky finger) track. 

"Levels (Clockwork Remix)" Avicii - Avicii aka Tim Berg from Stockholm, Sweden (the most gorgeous city with the most gorgeous people) delivers another gorgeous banger.

"Feels So Close (Nero Remix)" Calvin Harris - if you thought the Benny Benassi mix was killer...check this.

"Satisfied Enough" Dotcom - Hmm...Dotcom...who is he...a superhero masked electro crusader solving and protecting the world from bad remixes and mashups...probably!  Great mashup here with too many superstars to mention. 


"Killer 2011 (Afrojack Remix)" 

"Promises (Skillex & Nero Remix)" Nero - I keep saying the defining sound of the 10's (aka this decade) is going to be the electronic, dance and dubstep genres...taking what the 70s did with dance/disco and paying it 40 years forward.  This is the new generation of pop dance music and it's fucking awesome.

"Menage A Trois" Wolfgang Gartner - If i say it ("Menage A Trois") over and over and over and over just might happen.  "Build it and they will ... come"

"Dance Without You (R3hab Remix)" Skylar Grey - if the original wasn't already good enough for you this track will put you into a high space orbit. 

"Everything In It's Right Place" Pretty Lights - A delicious, tasty and vibey remix of Radiohead vs N.I.N....not exactly a banger but a creddy banger...haha.