Best Of Electro Bangers (11 Songs) - Week 35

Well well, another Monday, another natural disaster.  What else is new?  Oh yeah...that's right...these electro bangers from our blogs on music and song leaks that will rip your face, that is if Category 2 Hurricane winds hasn't already.  Well that's not true...only a few of these might rip your face off...a couple will just make you smile, a couple will make your nose cringe with the 'stinky electro banger finger,' and a couple will leave your looking like 'The Screamer' Edvard Munch painting meets Macaulay Culkin from 'Home Alone.' (That's right Macaulay ... I spelled your ridiculous name right!).  On that note...let's get started:
"My Eyes" Nero - gorgeous melody over some sensual but hard hitting electronics from Nero.

"Rain Over Me (Benny Benassi Remix)" PitBull ft. Marc Anthony - Yes, Benny Benassi strikes again.  Hey do we really need to shout out the producers names at the beginning of EVERY pop urban song.  I thought that was so finished in 2003.

"Like Dat" - Crizzly & The Kids At The Bar - definitely falls in the "stinky finger electro banger" category.

"Sunshine" - David Guetta & Avicii.  Perfect 3 a.m. crowd pleaser for peak time of the night.



"The World You Seek" JRowe Mashup - hot mashup from JRose; Amanda Harris vs. Joe Garston

"Seal It With A Kiss (Peter Thomas Remix)" Britney Spears - hmmm, are we getting signs of what next single is from Lady Brit? 

"Sunlight 2011" (Calvertron & Helicopter Showdown Remix) Modestep -  WTF is this?  I don't know but I like it

"Penguin (Janski Remix)" Avicii.  Damn that track is "Janski!"

"w.c.i.a.f.n." - Andys iLL & MDMK - song title short for "What Can I Afford For Nothing" ... Ahh, I just made that up...I have no idea.  Definitely in the "rip your face off" category.

"Sleep Forever (Bassex Remix)" Portugal. The Man - Great dubstep remix from Bassex.  And oh yeah Portugal. The Man, screw you with your punctuation and weird "period" after "Portugal"  What's that about? 

"California Dreaming (Minnesota Remix)" - Either the Mamas & Papas are rolling over in their grave or dancing horizontally.  Really great interpretation here.