Best Of Electro Bangers (8 Songs) - Week 40


Make no doubt, 2010-2019 will be the decade of Electronic Music.  Much like disco ruled in the 70s...Imma gonna predict electronic music is here in a big way for the decade.  The 60s stood for something.  The 80s muscially was a "period."  And now we got the decade forthcoming of hard hitting, electro IPod melting electro. The only difference from the 70s is we won't have open button shirts w/hairy chest and bad chains (ok and maybe orchestreal strings).  With that prediction in mind, here are this week's Electro Bangers.

"Syndicate" Skrillex - Skrillex, God bless you.  Skrillex for President.  This is the remix for the Electronic Arts "Syndicate" reboot.  

"Don't It" Meow184DeadFader - You know that old Memorex ad / photo with the guy in front of the speakers and being blown away by the sonic boom of whatever it was they were playing back then.  Right. That's me in my apartment listening to Meow184DeadFader.  Except I don't wear sunglasses.

Don't It by Tigerbeat6

"Busy Bee" Meow184DeadFader -  Another IPod Melter from this project Meow184DeadFader.  On the Tigerbeat6 label which is run by Kid606 (who is just unbelievable...some of the sickest beats to gorgeous ambient music).  

Busy Bee by Tigerbeat6

"Tommy's Theme" Noisia - You hate your neighbors.  So do I.  This is good punishment for them.  

Noisia - Tommy's Theme by NOISIA

"Synth Orchestra" - Spol  I shouldn't be writing about Spol too much.  Part of me doesn't want people to know about him...kinda like keeping a delicious little secret to yourself.  

Synth Orchestra - Spol (WIP?) by Spol

Ahh get your wine & cheese it's time for

The French Section

And just why do the Frenchies excel at Electronic music?   Daft Punk, Justice, Oizo, DJ Mendhi (R.I.P.), SebastiAn, not to mention Vitalic and Kavinsky who we're showcasing below.  We need to investigate this further. There must be some dark secret hidden crystal they all gather to draw their power from?  

"Golden Age (Justice Remix)" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

"Second Lives" Vitalic  LIke I said.  Frenchies = Like A Boss

"Nightcall" Kavinsky feat Lovefoxxx - The music supervisor for the new film "Drive" gets a mofo gold star for this film.  This song and how it's used in the film "Drive" is Epic.  I highly recommend "Drive."  I highly recommend the "Drive" Soundtrack.  BitCandy review is here.