Best Of Electro Bangers (8 Songs) - Week 46

11/18/11 found our Best of Electro page here at BitCandy.  That's soo sweet.  These tracks are not.  These Latest Music Tracks will steal your money, melt your iPod, run off with your girlfriend and send you the bill...not necessarily in that order. Well I guess we're insane in the membrane because...we love it. Yes...Preccioooussss.  Whatevs.  Here's the best the week of electro has to offer, filtered by BitCandy: 
"Tornado" Tiesto & Steve Aoki - We just wrote up this track and it's definitely one of our favorite electro bangers to close out the year.  Now the question is...does Tiesto get to eat Free at Benihana?  (Steve Aoki's pop owns that shit). 

Tiesto & Steve Aoki - Tornado by steveaoki


"Shave It (Kaskade Remix)" Zedd - The German electro house "next in line breakout for 2012" producer award goes to Zedd.  2 tracks we're loving "Scorpion Move" and "Shave It."   Seriously.  Zedd's going to be the guy (maybe a tie with Porter Robinson).

"Scorpion Move" Zedd

Zedd - Scorpion Move by Zedd



"Knock Power" Justice vs LL Cool J - Finally someone has done a great LL Cool J mash up...and thankfully it's none other than Hood Internet serving up the goods (as usual).   The Justice track is "Civilization" btw.  For a fun read you can check out our trashy review of Justices recent new album fail here.  

The Hood Internet - Knock Power (LL Cool J x Justice) by hoodinternet



"X Rated featuring Messinian" Excision - We just wrote up about Excision in our New Finds section. Can this melt your iPod and get the cops called to your place...yes it can! 

Excision - X Rated Featuring Messinian by Excision


"The Underground" Excision & Downlink

Excision & Downlink - The Underground by Excision



"Strobe Lights Say My Name" Ellie Goulding vs Porter Robinson.  Aww...wouldn't they make a cute couple.  Well they do here, compliments of Mash Up king Kap Slap  


"Smack My Bitch Up" Prodigy - The uncut and WTF amazing, banned video that somehow has still eluded YouTube community for not flagging it or taking it down for sexual content and nudity.  Thumbs up! 

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