Best Electro of The Week! (9 DLs / Streams)


Looking for the “Electro Banger” latest music tracks?  Well look what the cat dragged in. Welcome to another spectacular spanking installment of BitCandy’s Best of Electro from your very own Glitch and Uncle Flex. You’ll find some real neck busters below so crank up the the volume and get ready to move and your nose to cringe (aka the stinky finger effect). 



Noisia “Tommy's Theme (Loadstar Remix)”
This is why these guys are the best.




Martin Solveig "The Night Out (A-Trak remix)"
Brand spankin new!!! Released earlier in the week, this A-Trak remix has a sound that really reminds me of Digitalism. 





Mat Zo "Bipolar (Original Mix)"
Grooving trance




"Cryptocracy" by Huoratron
Witness the next evolution of hardcore electro from Finish master Huoratron




"Heartbeat" Childish Gambino (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix)
Finally Childish Gambino sounds good and not so annoying.




Zedd "Stars Come Out (Datsik Remix)"
Zedd, Datsik, Excision and Download...the new crew for 2012 … make no doubt! 





BETATRAXX "Shuffling and Looking Dumb (Feat. Krystal)" 
Betatraxx just signed to Atlantic Records.  The majors are on an electro signing trend?  Nice (I think?)




Captain Panic! "Perception" (Holographic Universe EP)
Dream electro wave scapes...if the ocean was hardcore electro this is what it would sound like.  




Jack Back feat. David Guetta-Nicky Romero-Sia 'Wild One Two'
Who knew that indie singer / songwriter queen of the mic, Sia would become a dance floor crusher babe?!  Cat Power, are you next?  (Mmm, my guess…probably not.) 




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