Best Of Indie (11 Songs) - Week 34

It is just me or has it been a slow week/month for great indie music.  And i know mean just jangly super indie credible cool songs to earn your "indie badge of credibility."  Fuck that!  Sure it's great to be knowledgeable about for instance, Cymbals Eat Guitars but does C.E.G. really have songs...or is just a really cool band name with a mish mash of indie vibe sonics that no one will care about in 2 months.  Hmm.  You know what we think.   On that note, I have a feeling you'll be seeing "Cymbals Eat Guitars" in our Posers section aka "Most Hyped Fails" within the week.  (sorry Spin Magazine but we disagree).  
Ahh, but for great new indie music that doesn't suck, doesn't fail, and more or less is the proverbial cherry on top category...please dig on the following (that was jazz talk..sorry).
"Stuck In My ID" - Reptar

"Northern Lights" - Johanna and The Dusty Floor.  Super talented Australian now living in NY and an artist you need to know about.  For fans of St. Vincent, Sia and Niki & The Dove.  Check Johanna and The Dusty Floor here..

"It Feels Good To Be Around You" - Air France

"Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)" - Alex Winston. 1 of 2 great remixes we just came across.  This one from the almighty RAC.

"Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)" - Alex Winston.  You guessed it, 2 of 2 great remixes for Alex Winston.

"Sweetheart (A.K.A. Love You)" - HTRK.  It's 3 a.m. in your metropolis.  You've had at least 2 drinks. Maybe 3 +   Pop Quiz Hotshot....What do you do....What DO YOU DO!?  Oh damn...Dennis Hopper flashbacks from "Speed."  Sorry, in this case...the correct answer is simple. You put on some HTRK.

"Hanging On" - Active Child - GORGEOUS album that just came out this week.  Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid (Theophilus London, Cass McCombs, new Major Lazer)...keep an eye on this guy (we didn't mean to rhyme) of the most important new producers.  And Active Child...great album.  See our review (ahem, from like months ago here.).  How did we get our hands on the music so far in advance. Oh, I don't know.  

"I Can See Through You" - The Horrors.  Another band that for the most part has everyone fooled.  In our opinion here's the only good song on the new album.  Feel free if you dare to read our review on this album.  We called it "The Horrors visit the Recycle Bins. Again."  You be the judge...or just trust us.  HINT: (the 2nd option takes a lot less time). 

"Simple Lady" - Tribe Of Wolves.  Yes! Curator Credit and badge goes to Juba who turned us on to this very cool lo fi / chill wave yet musical artist we are digging and just put in our New Finds section.  Juba is also on fire with his SHORE discovery.   Speaking of which:

"WINDS" - SHORE. - BitCandy Curator, Juba...did it again.  For fans of Flying Louts, Balam Acab and very weird and cool videos...check this shit out! 

"Let Me Know Now (Loom Remix)" - Silver Swans.  We love Silver Swans.  Another great post 3 A.M. late night metropolis song to hear while the city is asleep and something is in your blood.