Best Of Indie - Week 35 (12 Songs)

Ahh, we're so happy to go scan and handpick the very best of the bring you just the best filtered by BitCandy.  That way you don't have to waste your time watching horrible Kim Kardashian music videos.  Click here for her latest atrocity of a "music video and song".  Or even worse...trying to get your money back after you've payed $12.99 for the new highly recommended (by Pitchfork), The War On Drugs (in case you were wondering, it's making our Huh? category).  So on that note and without further's the best of the week we've come across for Best of Indie Week 35!:
"Diet Mtn Dew" Lana Del Rey - In case you are wondering, no she's not signed to Green Mountain Sound, Mountain Dew's label (that Matt & Kim and Neon schlock for).  She's on Interscope and along with her amazing dark chanteuse for 2012 song "Video Games"...she's on course to be an important artist unquestionably.  Um, our Curator Christine identified Lana Del Rey about 7 weeks ago. 

"Our Deal" Best Coast - The west coast is certainly the "best" least this week, where the East Coast takes a turn having a natural disaster.  (that's usually California's job). 

"Older Together" - Black Light Dinner Party.  A frequent top charter on Hype Machine and one of our favs.  You can get both of Black Light Dinner Party's great songs for free here on their SoundCloud  

"Come Talk To Me" (Peter Gabriel Cover) - Bon Iver.  This is not just "the man" of great indie singer / songwriting...but "the man" of great covers...yeah...he's done. what(?), like over 20 recorded or live covers in some shape or form)..  And you know what...I give him total praise for that.  You can tell one thing about Bon Iver...he STUDIES!  Yes, he learns and interprets and STUDIES the best songs that have come before him to IMPROVE his own song craft.  How many artists can we say that about today?  That's just one reason why he's so good.  

"Senator" Stephen Malkus & The Jicks - If you like the sound of Oatmeal, then buy this!!  It's totally "Quaker Oats" time for SM&TJ!  And for any fans of Stephen...well, sorry...personally I like things in hmm...melody and not just jangles with fiber.  The album as a whole lands in our Poser category in REVIEWS but "Senator" is certainly the best song on the album.  And yes it's true the Senator does really want a blow job...along with the rest of us. 

"Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo)" Battles 

"Santa Fe" Beirut - One of the best songs on the new Beirut album.  Even if they ripped off Tom Petty's "I Will Survive" 

"Polish Girl" Neon Indian - I don't blame Neon Indian for writing a song called "Polish Girl."  If you haven't been to Poland, I highly recommend it (Krakow or Warsaw)...for the may just write a similar titled song after you visit.  

"Ether Drift" Com Truise - Best song on the album.  Rest of the album is a bit of a synthesizer mish mosh (hmm...) but this is a gorgeous piece.

"VHS Sex" Com Truise - What's next?  Electronic indie artist Wruce Billis?    Hey, hey...Don't take that name...Imma gonna release my artist project under that one. Album title will be "Yippe Kay Yay, MF!"  This is our other fav from the new Tom Cruise.

"Quiet America" Memoryhouse - Sorry Memoryhouse, I've used up all my words on this post already and "Craig Ferguson's" about to start.