Best Of Indie - Week 39 (Filtered 10 Songs)


Oh Yay. It's time to start the week with a nice filtered playlist of the weeks' "Best Of Indie."  And just what is "Indie" these days?  For a while "Indie" conjured images of shoegazey, esoteric & snobby bands and singer songwriters with either very bad or very good fashion sense.   But I don't think that's what Indie is today.  And our version of indie (while snobby and yes esoteric) about original artists with great songs.  And there's so much to filter through of new releases and blog posts but that's where the BitCandy Music Filter comes in to help share the best new music of the week.  Let's get to work (or play, rather):

"Golden Sun" Fenech-Soler - Our favorite indie pop dance jam of the year.  We just did a little story on this song here.  Great video to you can check out here.

"Love" Daughter - New album coming out November 21st and she's unsigned!  This is a free download Daughter uploaded to her SoundCloud.  You can hear more on the eerie beautiful songs of Daughter here.  Itunes Bandcamp

"Aroused" Tom Vek - Unfortunately the new album "Leisure Seizure" doesn't hold it's weight against his classic 2005 debut "We Have Sound."  But still there are some great tracks on the new album including "Aroused."  Stream / Listen to the whole album here.  Spotify  

"The Book Of Revelations" Drums - Great new album that came out earlier in the month.  We're a little late posting our favorite song (so bite us! :), which is surprisingly not a surfing or beach song that we've come to expect from Drums.  Stream / Listen to the whole album here.  Spotify      

"The Muse" Laura Marling - Really love this new album from Laura Marling.  This album is kinda a female Smog album.  Smart alternative indie / folk songs that you can actually sing a long with (mmm ... sometimes).  Check out the album here.  Listen at Spotify

"Palomino" Mates of State - Shock and awe an indie song that you can sing along with!  Listen up indie hipsters...the end of the world is not CAN write fun summery up songs.  Here's the proof.  Listen at Spotify.  

"Shake It Out" Florence + The Machine.  One word: "Whoa."  We did a whole story on this song here.  LOVE THIS!

Florence + The Machine - Shake it Out by Artur Cunha

"The Dance" Spank Rock - We're on the fence to put this in our Best of Indie or Best of PopKiller section but hell...move away the coffee table with your Popular Mechanics magazine collection and start dancing.  New album coming out September 27th with Boys Noize at the producer helm.  You can read our review here.


"Horror Night" Terror Train - Curator Glitch (OK that's me) got the badge for the music discovery for Terror Train.  You can read our article about Terror Train here.  Album coming out October 23rd at  Oh and check this collaboration with BitCandy and Terror can get a free download at this link

"Romance" Wild Flag - "Romance" and "Wild Flag" what a perfect combination.