Best Of Indie - 11 Handpicked Songs (Week 45)


Yeah yeah...It's another day for our LA Music Blog, BitCandy and another week where we have the latest filtered best finds.  This week you can cream your trousers from Florence + The Machine, Phantogram, Lumineers, Real Estate, Youth Lagoon and more.  Who needs Kim Kardashian when you can have Youth Lagoon.  Ok given the choice...I might just take Kim.  But anyway.... These are our favs for their week.  Buy their albums, see their shows and buy their branded Dildos (oops I was thinking of Dave Stewart from Eurythmics **yes he does actually make high end Dildos...not a misprint).  Here's our favorite Indie playlist of the week.

"Lonely Boys" The Black Keys - The world asked for great music and yup, they got it.  Let's hope events like a new The Black Keys album and new great music like this becomes the norm rather than the exception.  



"Crave" Duologue - Hotly tipped UK band from Adam Tudhope's management company (Mumford Sons, Laura Marling, Keane). EP coming December 5th. For fans of...Yes, Radiohead (this song is "on the level!").  There's more on the band here:



"Miranda" Surfer Blood - The band named their album after that last swimmer in Australia.  HINT: If you are a surfer and there are sharks..sharks eat surfers.  It's not that difficult.  Stay out of the friggin water!  Anyway...Didn't care much for the EP...I mean "throw a stone and it can probably land on a sonically similar and linear indie band with "as is" good songs.  As far as songs...this is the best one on the EP.



"Don't Move" Phantogram - Best song from the new EP "Nightlife."  You can catch our entire review here..



"Heartlines" Florence + The Machine - Hey, just what is that '+' about.   Florence &, oh I'm sorry Florence + (!) The Machine have probably one of the best albums 2011 here.  One of the many favs from the album.  You know what's great about Florence + The Machine?  These are real songs.  Ok maybe it's not indie creddy lo fi for our Best Of Indie post but "w" to the "hatever"...we're writing about it. Check out our full album review here, lurvers...



"Hey Ho" The Lumineers - Check out this vid as we present to you like the next fuckin Mumford Sons...except their from Denver.  Album in progress is Quality!!  Check out our full article here in New Finds.



"It's Real" Real Estate - Great album and the best song from the guys who are into jumbo loans, fixed rate amortized mortages and short sales.  Oh, shit, that's my Real Estate broker that I don't have for the house i don't live in.  This is the other Real Estate.  Um, notice a theme here with songs!  (*you can sing them).



"Afternoon" Youth Lagoon - Is it just me or does the name Youth Lagoon sound like the local coastal inlet that all the teenagers go to get stoned?  If they do...they're probably listening to this music.



"Bad Street" Twin Sister - Ok maybe this isn't your indie lo fi thing you'd come to expect in an "indie music post" ... this would be straight up pop if we time traveled to 1983 with Blondie.  But no, today Pop Music MUST suck, right?  Nope...check out our PopKiller Internet Radio Channel out.  Just go to "Open Internet Radio" in Menu.  We're bring cred back to Pop.



"Suicide Dream" How To Dress Well.  Much like City and Colour who destroyed their live show at the Orpheum last week in Los Angeles....One word. Gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed our latest selection from LA Music Blog, BitCandy.  
-- G L I T C H --