Best of Indie Week 50 (plus Coachella Aliens)


Have you ever thought you saw a space alien at Coachella?  You know...some trippy guy or girl...maybe very irregularly tall or short with a strange walk and / or a smell that comes with the package too.  You might think..."Hmm, that person has a real space alien vibe."  

Well, I've come to the conclusion that there are, in fact, probably indeed real space aliens that come to Coachella.  Think about it.  I mean, it all makes sense.  The beacon lights pointing in the sky to help signal the location and besides...everyone in the galaxy totally knows that Coachella is 'the' place to come and hang and experience the best new music made by those fragile little earthlings.  

So next time you see someone who looks unearthly at Coachella, just say "Shazbot!"  

On that are 7 of the Latest Music Tracks on the indie side we found on the web this week.  Coachella coming soon...see u there.

"Gold On The Ceiling" The Black Keys - rumoured to be the next single.  Awesome album. (duh).  There's more highlights we point out on The Black Keys new album "El Camino" here on our latest review.


"Hell Of A Season" The Black Keys - our other mega favorite that hasn't been released as a single but probably will be.


"Let It Happen" Silver Swans - keep an eye out for this dream indie pop project.  Check out more (and buy their music!) on their band camp page


"Headcage" Matthew Dear - Is this Peter Gabriel or Matthew Dear.  Yup, it's Matthew Dear...great track from his latest EP, "Headcage" coming in 2012. 


"Broken Bottles" Silversun Pickups - they can pick me up anytime.  Best song from a mini 3 song EP they just put up.  


"I'm God (Instrumental)" Clams Casino - you can check our piece on Clams Casino in our latest new finds.  He's the man behind a lot of A$AP Rocky's beats ... and in general just making pretty fantastic 2012 meets 90s Massive Attack type vibes.  Watch this guy for 2012! 



"Keep You Close" - Deus

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