Best of Weekly Indie (9 Songs / Downloads)

Hola...We’re back to kick off our weekly “Best of Weekly Indie” on our BitCandy, Blogs On Music page.  We’re a music fitler so it’s our gig to help cut through all the crap clogging up the indie pipes (because there is a lot of it dog poop out there).  So ladies and gentlemen (I got that from a rap song), here’s our Indie favorite pics for the week: 


Moonface "Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips"
Digging this new track from Jagjaguwar artist Moonface.  Big ups to Jagjaguwar for the Best New Artist Grammy win with Bon Iver.  Back to Moonface...check out this opening lyric to the song.  Classic.  “Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips / Make You Look Like Stevie Nicks”




Theophilus London “All Around The World”
I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again.  The only way Theophilus London is going to get the recognition he deserves is when he extracts himself from the Warner Bros system.




Justice "On'n'On" Justin Robertson's The Deadstock Remix  


Normally you equate anything with Justice with level “10” on the electro banger front.  Even though their last album failed to live up to expectations...there’s a wicked synthy indie remix for you here, sweety, we’re digging.




The Ross Sea Party “Thunder” 
Keep an eye out for Los Angeles based The Ross Sea Party.  We’ve been following them for a while (and p.s. the keyboardist is pretty hot).  This is their current single “Thunder.”  Look out for a KickStarter page going up soon to help fund their next recording project / album.   Maybe you’ll contribute and invest in em, ay? 




Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps” 
Oh, it’s not new but oh, it it awesome.  Yeah yeah! 




Islands “Don’t I Love You”
Our favorite song from the new album that we quite liked.  Check the review here.





Sharon Van Etten “Give Out”   


Our favorite from the new Sharon Van Etten album “Tramp” that just came out.  




Field Music “Start The Day Right”
Although this latest Field Music album was a bit of a dissapointment, there were a few gems here like “Start The Day Right,” which is the opening track from the new album “Plumb.” 





Tennis “Petition”
I’m all out of witty comments.