Best Of Mashups - Pt 12

Best Mashups
Yes we're back from Thanksgiving...and no we didn't eat Turkey!  No tryptophan allowed when you have to run a music blog....instead it was all about the pizza.  And do you know what the best preferred pizza is for this LA Music Blog?  Abbots on Pico in Santa Monica.  Pepperoni, green pepper, pineapples and their special spicy sauce with those pepper flakes and extra parm.  It's like crack cocaine.  I hope to one day name it the "BitCandy Special" for USC across the street.   
Ok enough of that b.s.!  On to music now that we're back at it. 
Here's our latest installment of the best mashups that we found lurking around the web.  Some juicy juicy JUICY ones including Ellie Goulding getting mashed with Porter Robinson (aww they would make a cute couple), Twin Sister vs Usher (which makes Usher's "Without You" sound like a freeking masterpiece), LCD Soundsystem vs Yes  as well as other historical mashups here. 
Best Of Mashups Pt. 12

Best Of Mashups Pt 12 by BitCandy

Enjoy your Monday back to the grind with these mashers at the LA Music Blog, BitCandy.  

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